Spray Paint

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Aerodecor spray paint and Marabu Buntlack Spray are pigmented lacquers that contain solvents and have acrylic resin-based binders. After about 10 minutes, the satin-matte coat of film will be dust-dry - when completely dry it is weather resistant.

The two sprays are different from one another in the nature of their sprays: The Aerodecor Spray has a somewhat finer mist than the Marabu Buntlack, with the result that the latter is smoother after drying. The Aerodecor is for this reason the more popular for model making purposes. Both paints adhere well to dry, dust-free and grease-free surfaces like those of cardboard, paperboard, plastic, wood, glass, stone, metal, clay and various natural materials.

While Marabu Buntlack is, according to the manufacturer, compatible with polystyrene, the Aerodecor should first be tested before being applied to rigid foam materials because it can indeed have a corrosive effect. As a basic rule for polystyrene, all spray paints should be applied in many thin coats from an appreciable distance because the propellant alone can often be the cause of damage to polystyrene foam. To be safe, preliminary tests should simply be made before every application.

When finished, the spray can should be turned upside-down and further sprayed until only the propellant without paint is emitting. This will prevent the can from leaking and the nozzle from becoming blocked.