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      • Jacquard SolarFast
        9 Variants
        Jacquard SolarFast
        from 12,50 €
        Content: 118 ml, Packaging: bottle, Recommendation: Apply paint with a brush, sponge or roller. Also possible with spray bottle (see below)
      • Up to-36%
        Marabu EasyColor batik and colouring dye
        Marabu EasyColor batik and colouring dye
        from 1,90 €
        lightfast, not washable long-term (fades after numerous washings), hazard warnings: fixing agent 22
      • Jacquard SolarFast, Starter Kit
        Jacquard SolarFast, Starter Kit
        from 39,90 €
        Set content: 3 bottles of SolarFast (orange, purple and blue), 2 bottles of SolarFast Wash, jacquard film markers, 6 small sponges, gloves, ..., Note: Fabrics or artist papers are still needed.
      • Jacquard SolarFast, Film
        Jacquard SolarFast, Film
        from 19,90 €
        Content: 8 sheets, Format: 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
      • iDye colour remover
        iDye colour remover
        from 6,90 €
        Content: 14 g, Note: Some fabrics may lighten to a different color. Some colorants are not affected by the color remover. Utensils and pots used for ..., Caution: Harmful if swallowed. Contains Thiourea dioxide. Give water or milk if swallowed and call a physician. Avoid contact with eyes. ...
      • Myboshi Natural Dye for Wool Favorite Colors
        6 Variants
        Myboshi Natural Dye for Wool Favorite Colors
        from 8,90 €
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