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      • Modern Options metallic surfacer
        9 Variants
        Modern Options metallic surfacer
        from 19,90 €
        special water-based paint containing a large portion of real metal pigments, for coating metals or as ground colour for Modern Options patining agent
      • Modern Options patina green/rust antiquing agent
        6 Variants
        Modern Options patina green/rust antiquing agent
        from 14,90 €
        oxidation agent for copper, brass, bronze and iron/steel but especially for patining Modern Options metal paints
      • Jacquard SolarFast
        9 Variants
        Jacquard SolarFast
        from 12,50 €
        Content: 118 ml, Packaging: bottle, Recommendation: Apply paint with a brush, sponge or roller. Also possible with spray bottle (see below)
      • Modern Options sets
        2 Variants
        Modern Options sets
        from 24,90 €
        the set includes water-based metal paint and an oxidation agent for metals or Modern Options metal paints
      • Jacquard Cyanotype, Blueprint Set
        Jacquard Cyanotype, Blueprint Set
        from 24,90 €
        Content: 2 bottles (components A + B), Suitable surfaces: any natural fiber, porous surface, including cotton, linen, silk, canvas, wool, paper, wood and leather
      • Perlenmaker Pen Set
        2 Variants
        Perlenmaker Pen Set
        from 15,90 €
        Set contents: 6 x 30 ml in pen form, Presentation: soft plastic pin for pressing, liner tip approx. 0.8 mm, Drying: dried to the touch after 1-3 hours, completely dried after 24-48 hours
      • Jacquard SolarFast, Wash
        Jacquard SolarFast, Wash
        from 7,50 €
        Packaging: bottle, content: 118 ml
      • Fleur paint system for rust effects
        9 Variants
        Fleur paint system for rust effects
        from 11,90 €
      • Marabu Effect Liners
        31 Variants
        Marabu Effect Liners
        from 3,50 €
        Packaging: round plastic container (liner) with screw cap, content: 25 ml
      • Jacquard SolarFast, Film
        Jacquard SolarFast, Film
        from 19,90 €
        Content: 8 sheets, Format: 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm
      • Fleur paint system for verdigris effects
        9 Variants
        Fleur paint system for verdigris effects
        from 11,90 €
      • Fleur metallic paints
        9 Variants
        Fleur metallic paints
        from 10,30 €
      • Jacquard SolarFast, Starter Kit
        Jacquard SolarFast, Starter Kit
        from 39,90 €
        Set content: 3 bottles of SolarFast (orange, purple and blue), 2 bottles of SolarFast Wash, jacquard film markers, 6 small sponges, gloves, ..., Note: Fabrics or artist papers are still needed.
      • Modern Options primer/sealer
        2 Variants
        Modern Options primer/sealer
        from 14,90 €
        primer for oxidizing and non-oxidizing ground paint used before applying Modern Options metal paints, white (transparent when set)
      • Folie Glitter-Glue crayon set
        Folie Glitter-Glue crayon set
        from 5,90 €
      • Modern Options tinting solution
        2 Variants
        Modern Options tinting solution
        from 14,90 €
        tinting solution (not an oxidation agent) for (partial) darkening or antiquing the Modern Options metal paints in silver, gold and blond bronze
      • Jacquard SolarFast, Thickener
        Jacquard SolarFast, Thickener
        from 12,50 €
        Packaging: bottle, content: 118 ml
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