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      • Rohrer & Klingner calligraphy ink
        41 Variants
        Rohrer & Klingner calligraphy ink
        from 5,40 €
        Caligraphy ink for nibs, brushes, airbrushes (not for fountain pens), pigments in pure acrylate binder, water-based, application is either transparent or opaque depending on the colour, non-yellowing, age resistant,...
      • Rohrer & Klingner traditional ink
        18 Variants
        Rohrer & Klingner traditional ink
        from 6,40 €
        drawing ink for quill, brush, airbrush, calligraphy pens; pigments in pure acrylate binding agent, water-based, either opaque or transparent (glazing) depending on the hue, non-yellowing, age-resistant, smudge-proof...
      • Rohrer & Klingner drawing Indian ink
        8 Variants
        Rohrer & Klingner drawing Indian ink
        from 4,60 €
        drawing (Indian) ink for nib pens, quills, brushes, airbrushes (NOT for fountain pens), can be thinned with distilled water, eraser-proof, waterproof; description of individual inks: see product information
      • Winsor & Newton drawing ink
        26 Variants
        Winsor & Newton drawing ink
        from 4,00 €
        writing and drawing ink for nibs, brushes, airbrush (not for fountain pens!), made of soluble dyestoffs and shellac or pigment based (black and white only), transparent (except for black, white, silver and gold), fast...
      • Rohrer's fountain pen cleaning solution
        Rohrer's fountain pen cleaning solution
        from 8,10 €
        removes impurities and stains that are not easily dissoluble provided they are on surfaces that are not sensitive to solvents; colourless, smell nice, anionic surfactant (under 5%), water-soluble solvent, contains...
      • Pebeo Graphic ink
        3 Variants
        Pebeo Graphic ink
        from 4,90 €
        drawing ink, 100% black carbon dispersion, semi-gloss, opaque, non-drip, thinnable with distilled water, highly lightfast, waterproof, erase-proof, will not yellow
      • Chinese ink stone, carbon black (pine wood)
        Chinese ink stone, carbon black (pine wood)
        from 10,80 €
        Material: pressed pine wood carbon black, Colour: natural black, Configuration: rectangular, block, Packaging: cardboard box
      • Grating bowl for Chinese ink stone
        Grating bowl for Chinese ink stone
        from 7,00 €
        Material: natural slate, Configuration: round, with cover, Colour: natural black
      • Chinese calligraphy (Indian) ink
        Chinese calligraphy (Indian) ink
        from 17,30 €
        Colour: deep black pigment colour, Binding: lac (similar to shellac), Attributes: lightfast, solvent resistant, indelible, glossy
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