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      • Schmincke Akademie liquid gouache
        20 Variants
        Schmincke Akademie liquid gouache
        from 4,40 €
        gouache paint made with pigments (no cadmium pigments), chalk and gum arabic; pasty consistency, high degree of coverage, use pure or thinned with water, silky-matte and opaque finish when dry, soluble even after...
      • Lascaux gouache paint
        93 Variants
        Lascaux gouache paint
        from 9,15 €
        pure, naturally derived pigments in acrylic modified binding agent, high viscosity, good coverage, can be thinned with water (can also be used with glazing techinques), suitable for use by airbrushes, silky matte,...
      • Caran d'Ache Studio gouache paint, tablets
        2 Variants
        Caran d'Ache Studio gouache paint, tablets
        from 19,40 €
        metal case with removable plastic insert, removable colour pans, 1 paintbrush size 5, pigments in natural binders, high degree of coverage, silky-matte and opaque when dry, can be reworked even after drying (still...
      • Schmincke Designer HKS gouache paint
        51 Variants
        Schmincke Designer HKS gouache paint
        from 5,90 €
      • Schmincke gouache paint calligraphy set
        Schmincke gouache paint calligraphy set
        from 34,90 €
      • Up to-30%
        Reeves Ready Mix gouache paint
        Reeves Ready Mix gouache paint
        from 5,50 €
      • Sennelier Egg Tempera
        32 Variants
        Sennelier Egg Tempera
        from 9,10 €
        Content: 21 ml
      • Schmincke Calligraphy gouache paint
        13 Variants
        Schmincke Calligraphy gouache paint
        from 9,90 €
      • Caran d'Ache Studio Liquid Gouache
        3 Variants
        Caran d'Ache Studio Liquid Gouache
        from 18,50 €
        pigments in natural binding agent, high coverage (opaque), can be used pure or thinned with water, velvety matte and opaque when dry, can be removed even after drying, good lightfastness, conforms to European toy...
      Information about Gouache Paints

      Gouache (from Italian guazzo = pool) is a painting technique with semi-opaque and opaque watercolours made from coarsely ground pigments (with the addition of chalk) and the binding agent gum arabic. It can be used for both opaque and glazed painting techniques and thus combines the advantages of watercolour (glazes) and oil paint (pastos). In addition, white picture parts can be designed opaque and do not have to be left out as in watercolour painting.

      When dried, the colours lighten up compared to their wet colour. Gouache remains water-soluble even after drying, so parts of a finished picture can be removed or changed again. The colour dries up like velvet matt/pastel. If pasty paint is applied, the paint is slightly brittle and is only suitable for rigid or less flexible substrates (tightly stretched canvas, wooden panels,...). Gouache is suitable for all common image carriers with thin ink application.

      The first use of gouache-like colours is documented for book illumination in the early Middle Ages. It was not until the 15th century that important artists discovered the gouache technique for themselves. Raphael, Titian and Dürer used gouache for studies and drafts, others underlined their oil paintings with gouache. It was not until the 20th century that painting techniques gained greater importance in the various genres (Fauvinism, Expressionism, Abstract Art...) with artists such as Matisse, Marc Chagall, Paul Wunderlich and Otto Müller.

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