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      • Aerodecor crinkle spray
        3 Variants
        Aerodecor crinkle spray
        from 9,00 €
        crinkle finish
      • Dupli Color deco granite spray
        2 Variants
        Dupli Color deco granite spray
        from 11,20 €
        rock texture similar to granite, matte, works well on polystyrene, weather-resistant when coated with transparent lacquer
      • Aerodesign glitter spray
        2 Variants
        Aerodesign glitter spray
        from 5,20 €
        adds glitter
      • ALBEDO 100 Reflective Spray
        3 Variants
        ALBEDO 100 Reflective Spray
        from 17,90 €
        Surface: semi-gloss, Attributes: washes out, can be used on textiles
      • Dupli-Color frozen glass effect spray
        Dupli-Color frozen glass effect spray
        from 8,20 €
        acrylic based special effect spray in an aerosol can, dust-dry after about 5 minutes, non-sticky after about 10 minutes, dry to touch after 30 minutes, completely cured after about 24 hours, temperature resistant up...
      • Aerodecor Christmas tree snow spray (012)
        Aerodecor Christmas tree snow spray (012)
        from 6,80 €
        snow white, large flock
      • Aerodecor frosted lacquer spray (014)
        Aerodecor frosted lacquer spray (014)
        from 8,20 €
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