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Epoxy resin

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Information about epoxy resin

Attributes: The epoxy resin adheres to metal, wood, glass, rubber, ceramic, cement and most plastics. One very special product is the Repair Stick “Aqua” which will actually adhere to moist and wet surfaces. The cured material can be treated mechanically (drilled, sanded, milled or lathed) and painted without pre-treatment. The sticks are temperature resistant up to 120 °C and are resistant to alcohol, ester, salt water, oil and most acids and lyes. Three types of this product are available for different applications. When a large amount of material is required, the 400 gram epoxy resin putty is an excellent choice. This putty is even temperature resistant up to as high as 200 °C.

Uses: Repair Sticks and the epoxy resin putty are great for bonding and repairs in cases where a large gap must be covered. These special modelling materials can be used to seal pipes and tubes, for finishing work on metals, for renewing threads or for making templates and models.

Treatment: The surface of the object being worked on must be clean and free of grease – very smooth surfaces should be roughened (sandblasting or sandpaper). The epoxy resin material is best worked with at temperatures around 20 °C; lower temperatures lengthen the curing time while at those as low as 5 °C no reaction at all will take place.

The sticks consist of two components (resin on the inside, hardener on the outside) and can be simply cut to the desired length, while the putty is made up of two separate components, a blue one and a yellow one, which must be applied in equal doses either by weight or volume. Both components must be kneaded together until they blend into a single colour. Once so prepared, you have between 4 and 20 minutes to complete your work, depending on the type being used. All epoxy resin compound materials are completely cured in about 24 hours. It is recommended that you wear latex gloves when working with the sticks or the putty because the components will irritate the skin. If contact with your skin or eyes occurs, you should immediately and thoroughly wash it off or flush it out, respectively. Children should not be allowed to play with this dough; if swallowed, a doctor should be notified at once. We will be glad to send you safety data sheets upon request.