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      • Elastic surfacer (filler), white cream
        2 Variants
        Elastic surfacer (filler), white cream
        from 5,90 €
        ready-to-use filler for interior use, drying time is 2-3 hours
      • Creaplast design plaster
        2 Variants
        Creaplast design plaster
        from 6,90 €
        white, mixing ratio of powder to water is 2:1, working life: 35-40 minutes, setting time: approx. 60 minutes, surface hardness (cured): >190 N/mm², temperature resistance (cured): short term up to 170 °C.
      • KK-Plast polyester body filler
        KK-Plast polyester body filler
        from 16,90 €
        thixotropic 2 component filler, polyester resin with BPO hardener, amine accelerator; density: approx. 1.85 g/cm³, fills extremely well, sands and polishes extremely well, hardens to a grey colour, mixing ratio of...
      • Decotric fine filler
        Decotric fine filler
        from 4,90 €
        ready-to-use filler for interior use, pure acrylate dispersion with fillers, white, solvent-free
      • FEW polyester finishing filler
        FEW polyester finishing filler
        from 23,90 €
        thixotropic 2 component filler, polyester resin with BPO hardener (colourless), amine accelerator, density: approx. 1.8 g/cm³, very low pore volume, sands and polishes extremely well, cures to a cream white colour,...
      • Lightplast polyester filler
        Lightplast polyester filler
        from 34,90 €
        2 component filler paste, polyester resin with BPO hardener (colourless), amine accelerator; density: approx. 0.7 g/cm³, machines down well, cures to an antique white colour, mixing ratio of resin to hardener is...
      • Decofill indoors
        2 Variants
        Decofill indoors
        from 3,90 €
        cellulose reinforced gypsum filler for interiors, for filling holes in plaster and masonry, for caulking gypsum plaster board as well as for moulding and modelling, workable for about 60 minutes
      • Decotric quick filler
        Decotric quick filler
        from 8,90 €
        high quality interior and exterior filler that accepts paint well, synthetic resin with fillers and additives, white, contains solvent
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