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      • Stoff-Steif fabric stiffener
        2 Variants
        Stoff-Steif fabric stiffener
        from 13,90 €
        Material: Hardener based on a pollutant-free vinyl ester/acrylic co-polymer, Color: colorless transparent, pH-value: 3.8, Consumption: 1200 to 2500 g/m² (depending on textile)
      • Formetal Varius, aluminium
        4 Variants
        Formetal Varius, aluminium
        from 34,00 €
        Al 99.5; soft degreased, expanded metal with predetermined breaking points, three dimensionally deformable
      • Acrystal quadriaxial glass fibre 200-4D
        Acrystal quadriaxial glass fibre 200-4D
        from 23,50 €
        white, reinforcement mat made from rovings, the layers are aligned at -45°, 0°, +45° and +90° respectively and sewn together
      • Odif Odicoat fabric coating
        Odif Odicoat fabric coating
        from 15,90 €
        Material: Transparent gel, solvent-free, acid-free, subtle odor, Properties: Gives fabric the appearance and properties of oilcloth, protection against fading by UV rays and pollution, machine washable at ...
      • Odif  Fabric Booster (stiffener)
        Odif Fabric Booster (stiffener)
        from 15,90 €
        Properties: Solvent- and acid-free, washable, Color: Transparent, Drying time: 30 minutes, Quantity: 500 ml
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