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      • Moulding set
        Moulding set
        from 29,90 €
      • Air-cured mould making compound
        Air-cured mould making compound
        from 5,90 €
        Product description: very soft and exact mould making compound, Attributes: air-drying, Colour: skin colour (caucasian)
      • Casting mould for tiles
        2 Variants
        Casting mould for tiles
        from 1,90 €
        Material: PET plastic, colorless transparent, Tile dimensions: 100 x 100 mm or 160 x 160 mm, Tile height: about 10 mm, Capacity: 125 mL at 110 x 110 mm, 300 mL at 160 x 160 mm
      • Casting mould for pendants
        3 Variants
        Casting mould for pendants
        from 3,40 €
      • Foldable casting mould sheets
        2 Variants
        Foldable casting mould sheets
        from 7,50 €
      • Square casting mould
        Square casting mould
        from 7,90 €
        Material: PET plastic, transparent without color
      • Round casting mould
        2 Variants
        Round casting mould
        from 3,90 €
      • Relief moulding plate for tile casting mould
        2 Variants
        Relief moulding plate for tile casting mould
        from 1,90 €
        Material: PET plastic, colorless transparent
      • Gedeo modelling set
        Gedeo modelling set
        from 33,90 €
        various set for casting and moulding projects
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