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      Finding the right desk height to sit and stand on

      If you spend many hours at your desk, your workplace should be ergonomically designed. Here you will learn how to find the right desk height for sitting and standing and what to look out for when working.

      What is the correct height for my office desk?

      The optimal height for your office desk depends on your height. The bigger you are, the higher your desk should be. This applies both to the correct seat height and to the ideal height of a standing table. In this table you can easily see which office desk height is best for your height.

      Body size

      Table Height Seating*

      Table Height Standing*

      ~160 - 171 cm

      ~65 - 69 cm

      ~105 - 112 cm

      ~172 - 181 cm

      ~69 - 73 cm

      ~112 - 118 cm

      ~182 - 191 cm

      ~73 - 77 cm

      ~118 - 124 cm

      ~192 - 201 cm

      ~77 - 81 cm

      ~124 - 128 cm


      The office desk that fits your body size

      Are you looking for an office table with perfect height for working both sitting and standing? Our height-adjustable T table adapts exactly to your body size. Three T table models ensure the adjustment ranges to suit your body size.

      Height adjustment ranges per T table:

      T Table Standard / T Table Standard Plus: Approx. 70 - 120 cm (incl. table top)

      T Table Premium: Approx. 65 - 128 cm (incl. table top)


      Body size

      The matching height-adjustable T table*

      Approx. 160 - 171 cm

      T TablePremium

      Approx. 172 - 181 cm

      T Table Standard, Standard Plus or Premium

      Approx. 182 - 191 cm

      T Table Standard, Standard Plus
      and from 185 cm height T Table Premium

      Approx. 192 - 201 cm

      T Table Premium

      Finding the right sitting position

      The right desk height is an important factor to make your workplace ergonomic. But for healthy sitting work, the correct sitting position is essential first. The following three steps will show you how to adjust your office chair and screen to your body.

      Step 1:
      The height of your office chair

      The first step is about your legs when sitting. To do this we go from bottom to top. First take a seat in your office chair. Your feet should touch the ground with the entire sole. Then pay attention to your knee joint. You have found the optimal height of your office chair when your thighs and lower legs are at right angles to each other. This allows the blood to circulate well in your veins while you are working at your desk.

      Step 2:
      Optimise adjustment of the armrest

      After the legs, it's about your arm position. Your office chair has armrests? Then sit upright and adjust your armrests so that your forearm rests comfortably while you relax your neck and shoulders. The more relaxed your muscles, the better. The angle from forearm to upper arm may also be slightly larger than 90 degrees. Allowed is what keeps your body relaxed. At the same time, the armrest also provides a first-class reference point for your ideal office desk height. Because armrests and desk top are ideally at the same height.

      Step 3:
      Position the monitor ideally

      If you work a lot on the computer, the position of your screen is especially important. Your monitor should be in the center of your field of vision and about 60 to 70 cm away from your eyes. The ideal monitor height on your office desk also depends on your body. If you lower your eyes slightly, the top line of your screen should be just below eye level. It's worth using height-adjustable monitors or monitor mounts to precisely align the screen.

      Finding the right standing position

      If you are working at a standing table or height-adjustable office desk, then your position should also be health-promoting when standing. The right desk height and your posture play an important role.

      Step 1:
      Healthy posture while standing

      For ergonomic work at the standing table you should stand upright but relaxed. Shoulders and neck are loose, your back straight and the weight evenly distributed on both feet.

      Step 2:
      Adjust desk height to body size

      The ideal office desk height when standing automatically determines your body height. If you stand upright and relaxed in front of your standing table, bend your forearms about 90 degrees. Similar to the optimal sitting position, your upper arms should lie horizontally on the tabletop or fall slightly to your wrists. If you have a height-adjustable office desk with memory function, you can save this desk height directly.

      Step 3:
      Relieve your back regularly

      In spite of an optimally chosen office desk height and a healthy posture, your back is happy when you relieve it. In the long run, even the healthiest posture will be exhausting for your back muscles. That's why variety is in demand. For example, regularly shift your weight from your left to your right leg and vice versa. This keeps your back loose and relaxed.

      Tips for everyday work with variable office desk height

      Change position often

      Your body needs a change at the desk. Avoid a rigid posture by changing your working position about twice an hour.

      1/3 standing,
      2/3 sitting

      The healthy mixture for back-friendly work consists of about one third standing and two thirds sitting.

      Save office desk height and change comfortably

      The height of an electrically height-adjustable office desk can be flexibly adjusted. You can often save your favourite height so that you can switch between sitting and standing at the touch of a button.

      *All information on the suitable office table height for sitting and standing as well as on the suitable T table is based on orientation values which do not take individual body proportions into account. For precise adjustment of your table height, we recommend that you try sitting and standing at Modulor in Berlin.

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