Office table: Height adjustable for flexible design

Are you looking for an office table that is height-adjustable and also looks really good?

Discover the T table. Powerful electric drives and stepless height adjustment at the touch of a button enable you to work and design ergonomically at any time.

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Your height-adjustable office desk

✔ Ergonomic

✔ Flexible

✔ Health Promoting

Why should an office desk be electrically height-adjustable?

Our goal for you is, to feel comfortable at your height-adjustable office desk and to be able to work healthily. The adjustment of the correct office desk height should at most be a minor matter. That's why the T table is infinitely electrically height-adjustable. So you can easily adjust it to your favourite height and vary it at any time. Your back will thank you for it.

T Table: Height-adjustable office table frame with motor

The T table frame is made of steel and is therefore extremely stable. The insensitive powder coating in grey, black or white gives it a noble look. The highlight of the table is the built-in electric motor with which you can adjust the height steplessly.

Design your personal office tabletop

You can configure the table top for your height-adjustable office desk according to your taste. After all, you always have an eye on it and can master many tasks on it. You should really like it there, shouldn't you? Your possibilities are manifold. Whether made of melamineHPL or linoleum, whether discreet or gaudy: All configuration possibilities of our office desktops are also suitable for the T table.

T Table: Your individual Stand-Sit-Desk

Do you want your office desk to be height-adjustable and look really good? Then simply configure it yourself. Our T table frame is available in three practical versions. You can design your new desk according to your taste, equip it with useful accessories and of course combine it with an attractive tabletop.

T Table Standard: Office table with simple height adjustment

Even in the standard version of the table, you can adjust the height of the table electrically between 70 and 120 cm. This is particularly easy to do using a rocker switch. At the push of a button, you can turn a supposedly normal office table into an ergonomic standing table. With a lifting capacity of 50 kilograms per column, the T Table is an office table for standing and sitting that masters everyday life effortlessly.

T TableStandard Plus: Height-adjustable office desk with memory function

Do you have a preferred sitting and standing height and want to switch between them easily? Then the Standard Plus version is a good choice for you. Three heights ranging from 70 to 120 cm can be stored, so that the office desk can be easily adjusted for standing and sitting. Naturally, the T Table Standard Plus is also infinitely height-adjustable at the touch of a button. We also recommend this design if your desk needs to withstand even more weight. Because with this version, the lifting capacity is a whole 80 kilograms per column. This makes your height-adjustable office desk even more resilient.

T Table Premium: Particularly comfortable stand-seat desk

If you are particularly tall or small, we recommend the T Table Premium. This version is electrically height-adjustable between 65 and 128 cm, so that you can also work as a very tall or small person with a healthy posture. You can see the current height on the integrated display of the control unit. And of course three heights can also be stored in this version of the height-adjustable office desk. Just like the Standard Plus version, the T Table Premium has a lifting capacity of 80 kilograms per column. Nevertheless, this version of the T Table looks somewhat more filigree, because round, three-part lifting columns and slimmer foot skids are used here.

Selecting the right office desk top

With the table top for your T table you have free choice from over 1000 configuration possibilities. So that you can quickly find the right variant for you, we will show you a few practical examples here.

Material: Melamine or linoleum?

The best decision support for the material of your new office desk top is the job you want to do at your height-adjustable office desk.

For classic office and desk activities with pen and keyboard, we recommend a linoleum tabletop. The natural material not only looks good, but is also excellent as a writing surface. Due to the pleasant texture of the linoleum, your pen glides smoothly over the paper every day. But please be careful: don't press on it too tightly with sharp objects such as pens, so as not to damage the linoleum.

If, on the other hand, you need a particularly resistant desk top for your height-adjustable office desk, we recommend our inexpensive all-rounder with scratch-resistant melamine resin coating. This material is the proven standard among office desktops and can often be reused. In addition, it is ideal for activities that go beyond the typical desk work, such as work.

Colour: Classic decent or colourful individual?

The choice of colour depends on your personal taste. With our robust melamine table tops, you can choose between black, white, various grey shades and wood and concrete decor optics to choose the right colour for your height-adjustable office table. Do you want your desk to be an eye-catcher? Then choose a real wood edging made of multiplex birch, for example. Or would you like to have the edge in the colour of the panel surface? Then you'll find what you're looking for in our ABS plastic edgings.

Our linoleum office desktops offer 21 colours and further design scope. Here you can not only determine the colour, but also further individualise your height-adjustable office desk. For example, opt for a bevelled table edge if you want your office table to look elegant and filigree. Or order your linoleum tabletop with rounded corners for a contemporary look. You have a free choice.

Practical accessory for your height-adjustable office desk

Do you use a desktop computer with a separate chassis? We've thought of that, too. Equip your T table with a PC holder so that your computer will move with you as you change height. This keeps all cables in place. For more order above and below your desk top, extras like a cable outlet and a cable duct that lets all cables disappear directly under the desk top keep them neat and tidy. You can add all these things directly to your T table in the Configurator.

Also think of a matching workplace lamp and a drawer for your most important utensils. You can easily store important documents in a lockable roll container, whose powder-coated sheet steel fits perfectly to the frame of your height-adjustable office desk.

Tips for your everyday working life

Change position twice per hour

Change your working position about twice an hour. So you stay flexible and do not fall into a rigid posture.

1/3 standing, 2/3 sitting

Standing should account for about one third of your daily working time. Your body will appreciate the new dynamics of working.

Keep working materials easily accessible

You can, for example, store punches, staplers, pens, rulers, etc. in a drawer directly under the desk top and reach them back-friendly.


You can easily determine the right height for your standing-sitting-desk based on your height. Here is the fastest way to the right Office desk height.

Yes, absolutely. Even just because your office desk is height adjustable, it is ideal for use with several people, i.e. as a shared desk. So everyone can easily adjust the height to his or her height at the touch of a button and benefit from ideal ergonomics. If you alternate frequently at your desk, simply save the different heights.

The German Pension Insurance (DRV) supports your height-adjustable office desk in the case of an illness certified by a specialist. Further information can be found on the website of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

In principle, even in the case of certified complaints, the employer is not obliged to pay for an electrically height-adjustable office desk with motor. A claim for reimbursement of costs can only be made in exceptional cases. In such a case, a specialist lawyer for labour law can give you competent advice. Before it comes to this, however, it is worth - as in many cases - talking and asking friendly questions. Many employers are now willing to invest in healthy tables and chairs, especially when refurbishing offices.