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          Mit Weicon kleben, abdichten und sprayen

          Das international vertretene Familienunternehmen WEICON stellt seit 1947 unter anderem spezielle Kleb- und Dichtstoffe, technische Sprays, Flüssigkunststoffe und Hochleistungsmontagepasten her. Die Produkte werden sowohl in der Industrie als auch für private Zwecke und handwerkliche Arbeiten eingesetzt.

          WEICON's corporate values and goals

          In addition to its headquarters in Münster, Germany, WEICON has established 8 further locations worldwide since its foundation more than 70 years ago.
          The goal of WEICON GmbH & Co KG to always offer the optimum product is achieved by the company with its own development department in Germany. Here the satisfaction of employees and customers plays just as important a role as the range of quality products.
          WEICON attaches great importance to environmental protection during development. The company tests its products for environmentally relevant ingredients with the aim of minimizing negative properties as far as possible. Some of the products are manufactured in the EU.

          WEICON in our assortment

          WEICON products are among our top sellers. Our product range includes various types of adhesives, sealants and technical sprays from WEICON. These are used for handicraft purposes, for repair as well as for the production of models or DIY work.

          Practical: The WEICON Adhesive Finder

          WEICON has developed the so-called Adhesive Finder for all those who are looking for the right product for their purpose with the large variety of adhesives available.
          You can then buy the recommended adhesive in our online shop.

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