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PLEXIGLAS® Gallery UV 100 (custom cutting available)

Custom cutting:3.0 x 1520 x 2050 mm (0A570)
incl. VAT, plus custom cutting / excl. shipping
69,90 €/
incl. VATplus custom cutting / excl. shipping
Article No.0342025
Materialgenuine brand acrylic glass PLEXIGLASu00ae
Surfaceglossy/glossy, with protective film on both sides

Even untreated float glass will filter out some small degree of UV radiation, but a really limited amount. For vacation photos in your hallway that is certainly good enough but for all paintings, drawings, certificates or photographs that are close to your heart it is certainly too little protection. In such cases, glass with proven UV protection capabilities should be used, one that provides ideal protection. Our extruded, highly transparent PLEXIGLAS® Gallery 100 filters 99.7% of the UVA from daylight (the name-giver of the product naturally rounded that number off!) and thereby satisfies the strict requirements of museums and galleries.

There is treated window glass that can also provide this level of protection while also having the advantage that it will not scratch as easily as the PLEXIGLAS® (this is a particular problem when cleaning picture frame glass!). But the PLEXIGLAS® has its advantages as well: it is 50% lighter in weight (thereby allowing comparatively less bulky or substantial hanging devices) and is about 11 times more resistant to breaking, which means, of course, less chance of the types of injuries that can occur with broken glass. A further advantage of PLEXIGLAS® over conventional window glass: it has no actual colour of its own and therefore provides a more exact display of the colour of a picture.

Like all XT materials, it can be scored, sawn, chamfered, glued and lasered. For cleaning purposes the PLEXIGLAS® manufacturer actually recommends the plastic cleaner from the Burnus company in combination with an appropriate cleaning cloth. Removing dust or dirt without moisture is not recommended because it can easily cause scratching.

Custom cutting available. Choose your desired size! For more information about our custom cutting service, please visit Modulor Services.

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