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      Rubber mats



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      • Silicone sheet, translucent, colourless
        8 Variants
        Silicone sheet, translucent, colourless
        from 5,00 €
        Elongation at break: approx. 300%, Additional characteristics: without liner, hypoallergenic, electrically insulating, weather-proof, UV resistant, talc-powdered
      • Solid rubber gasket sheet, black
        6 Variants
        Solid rubber gasket sheet, black
        from 2,10 €
        material: NR-SBR (natural rubber, styrene and butadiene rubber composite)
      • Silicone sheet, opaque, coloured
        8 Variants
        Silicone sheet, opaque, coloured
        from 5,00 €
        Hardness: approx. 60 Sh-A
      • Solid rubber fine-grooved mat
        4 Variants
        Solid rubber fine-grooved mat
        from 2,10 €
        NR-SBR, textured/cotton impression, without reinforcing insert, h = 3.0 mm, textural configuration lengthwise, s(pacing) = 3.0 mm, approx. 65 Sh-A
      • Solid rubber wide-grooved mat
        2 Variants
        Solid rubber wide-grooved mat
        from 2,50 €
        NR-SBR, textured/cotton impression, without reinforcing insert, h = 3.0 mm, textural configuration lengthwise, Strukturabstand s = 9.0 mm, approx. 65 Sh-A
      Information about Rubber mats

      The designation "Sh-A" or, alternatively, "Sh-D" stands for Shore Hardness, which is a scale of hardness for elastomers and plastics. In the case of softer, rubber type materials, the A scale is used, while for harder materials the D scale. The test procedure, which is standardized per DIN 53505 and DIN 7868 (German Industry Norm), consists of a tempered steel indenter, whose shape varies for the A and D scale tests, being pressed into a material with a specific force whereby the amount of penetration is measured. The measuring scale goes from 0 (complete penetration) to 100 (no penetration) - the higher the number, the harder the substance.

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