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Working with pine strips is fast and easy; they take well to gluing (to themselves or to cardboard) and have a nice appearance on their own or in combination with other materials. These attributes make them an ideal material for use in architectural model making. Supports, girders, roof trusses, window frames and much more can be constructed using pine strips.

The strips can be cut with a coping saw a fret saw or with the circular table saw from Proxxon or Böhler. Gluing can be done with either Uhu hard or Ponal express.

Straight or curved glued laminated girders for architectural models can be made from flat-edged strips by gluing them together in a form (e.g. a wood board with nails as guides) and letting them dry there. Strip sizes that are not included in our product range (e.g. particular thicknesses) can be realized by joining those strips that are available by means of nails or glue or the like in such a way so as to attain the desired size.

Pine rectangular moulding

1.0 x 1.0 l=1000 mm
(0,85 €/lin. m)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
0,85 €
(0,85 €/lin. m)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping