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      Acrylic Casting Resins


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      • Acrystal Prima acrylic resin
        4 Variants
        Acrystal Prima acrylic resin
        from 25,90 €
        material: two component water-based acrylic resin system, Range of application: for casting, laminating and coating, for interior as well as protected exterior spaces
      • Pigments for Acrystal acrylic resin
        4 Variants
        Pigments for Acrystal acrylic resin
        from 29,90 €
        liquid paint with high pigmentation and brilliancy for colouring the two component acrylic resin system, non-fading, solvent-free, odourless
      • Acrystal thixotropic agent (thickener)
        Acrystal thixotropic agent (thickener)
        from 22,90 €
        thickening agent for two component acrylic resin systems, thixotropic, no odour, non-toxic, mixing ratio (as percentage of weight): 1-2 % of the acrylic mixture.
      • Acrystal retarding agent
        Acrystal retarding agent
        from 15,90 €
        retarding agent for the two component acrylic resin system, liquid, transparent, colourless, odourless, non-toxic, mixing ratio (as percentage of weight): 0.2 – 0.3 % of the acrylic resin mixture.
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