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Proxxon Hand-held Tools

The Proxxon company is a leading manufacturer of high quality hand-held and table top tools. Proxxon tools were not made to be put in drawers. They are made in such a way that the user will enjoy working with them over a long period of time. They are quiet and vibration-free. When used properly, Proxxon tools have an unusually long service life for an electric tool.

Our product assortment contains a selection of machines from Proxxon comprehensive product line. We can, however, provide any Proxxon tools to our customers within a very short time span. If you are interested in any other Proxxon product please acquire a Proxxon catalogue or get the necessary information from the excellently made website

Our own experience has shown that the Proxxon repair and replacement part service functions wonderfully. Such commitment to service is another attribute distinguishing a leading market manufacturer from cheap suppliers! If, despite the high quality workmanship, some defect should arise, Proxxon will not leave you holding the bag. The staff at the Proxxon service centre reacts quickly and reliably.

Practically every operating manual includes an exploded drawing of the tool or device. This helps the customer to identify and order the necessary replacement parts – it should be noted, though, that it is sometimes only possible to order pre-assembled sub-assemblies. 

In many countries Proxxon has partner businesses which are capable of performing repairs and delivering replacement parts – please note the related information found on the website When making a return within the time limit of the guarantee, please do not forget to include your receipt.