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      • Schmincke masking fluid
        2 Variants
        Schmincke masking fluid
        from 6,30 €
        masking medium for watercolour painting, fluid copolydispersion, ammonia-free, pH is ca. 10, boiling point: ca. +100 °C, can be removed, colourless (neutral) or, alternatively coloured (blue), liquid, no hazardous...
      • Schmincke liquid frisket (masking)
        2 Variants
        Schmincke liquid frisket (masking)
        from 3,70 €
        masking medium for watercolour painting, liquid copolymer dispersion, ammonia-free, pH is ca. 10, boiling temperature: +100 °C, removable, colourless, liquid, no hazardous label required by the German Hazardous...
      • Pebeo Rubbelkrepp Drawing Gum
        2 Variants
        Pebeo Rubbelkrepp Drawing Gum
        from 4,50 €
        liquid rubber that can be painted on and later removed from a surface, use for masking areas of a picture when painting with ink, watercolours or gouache, drying time is 15 minutes
      • Schmincke gum arabic
        Schmincke gum arabic
        from 7,50 €
        binder and levelling agent for watercolour/gouache painting, gum arabica in liquid solution, pH: 6.5, yellowish brown, liquid, water soluble (even after dry), no hazardous label required by the German Hazardous...
      • Schmincke Aqua primer
        2 Variants
        Schmincke Aqua primer
        from 15,30 €
        primer for watercolour and gouache painting on canvas, cardboard, wood; made of pure acrylate, fillers, additives and water; pH is 8-10, pasty consistency, transparent colourless, has surface similar to watercolour...
      • Schmincke Onetz
        2 Variants
        Schmincke Onetz
        from 3,70 €
        natural leveling and wetting agent for aquarelle and gouache painting, made from thickened cattle gall, light brown, solid, water-soluble, hazardous label not required by GefStoffV rules, biodegradable, comes in large...
      • Schmincke Aqua fix
        Schmincke Aqua fix
        from 7,50 €
        auxiliary for increasing the waterproof quality of watercolour/gouache paintings, made of additives and water in pure acrylic dispersion, pH is 8-10, milky white-yellowish, liquid, recommended storage temperature;...
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