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Thibra Pearl thermoplastic modelling granulate

milky white, 25 kg
(19,04 €/kg)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
475,90 €
(19,04 €/kg)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping

Melts in hot water and becomes a modeling clay

Cures hard

Corrections possible at any time by heating

For fine details


No health hazard

Article No.3008736-ST
MaterialPolyurethane elastomer
Bead sizeapprox. 3 mm
Melting point60°C
Modelling time1-2 minutes
Weight1.2 g/cm²

With Thibra Pearl, you can customize tool handles, replace broken plastic parts, or make individual drawer knobs with screw threads; cosplayers shape fine details and decorations on their costumes out of modeling plastic, designers use it for prototyping. And it's amazingly simple and fast:

The hard granulate melts into a translucent, soft mass in hot water or with a hot-air dryer, which you can then easily model by hand like clay. If the material starts to harden again after 1-2 minutes, you simply heat it again and continue forming. This is possible as often as you like and, if necessary, only partially.

After complete cooling, the thermoplastic elastomer becomes hard and white again; it is stiff and significantly tougher than polystyrene, for example. Even in thinner thicknesses, it does not tend to break due to its elasticity. The hard surface has a waxy feel to it - similar to plastic POM or Teflon. You can paint them, sand them, dissolve them with acetone, or drill into them.

Not satisfied with the result? By heating with a hot-air dryer, you can remove small unevennesses in the surface. Or you melt the cooled down form completely again and start a second attempt. This way, you don't have to throw away any material.

Individual molded parts are also connected by heating. The modeling granulate can be perfectly combined, for example, with the Thibra Thermoplastic modeling sheet material.

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