Work stool - an overview

Whether you want to work in a mobile, flexible or standing position, our work stools offer you a custom-fit solution for your needs. They convince as a real alternative to the classic chair by enabling dynamic sitting.

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What distinguishes a work stool?

Before going into depth, it is worth taking a look at what actually distinguishes a work stool from a workshop or office chair. By definition, a stool consists of a seat and legs. Strictly speaking, there are no work stools with backrests, but as always: exceptions prove the rule and some models do have small supportive or removable backrests.

What are the advantages of roller stools and the like?

What are the advantages of roller stools and the like?

A work stool is compact. You can slide it completely under the table if you need extra space. However, the real argument in its favour is - no joke - the lack of backrests. The unrestricted freedom of movement in the upper body automatically makes you sit more upright and dynamic. Your muscles hold you up without external support. As a result, blood circulation is improved, oxygen transport is increased and your ability to concentrate is enhanced. That sounds convincing, doesn't it? If you are already thinking about taking up the challenge of sitting on a work stool, we recommend that you keep the sitting phases short at the beginning. This way you will gradually build up your muscles. It is best if you switch between a stool and a chair again and again to give your body a break to relax.

Which work stools are available?

Roller stool

Height-adjustable and ergonomic, they are the ideal choice for workplaces that require great mobility. Almost all models are also swivel stools, so you have maximum mobility. A base gives the models stability as the castors make their way through the office or workshop. The motto of the rolling stool is: clear the way!

Stacking stool

Stacking stools are the most compact and usually also the lightest variants among the work stools. They can be stowed away quickly and in a space-saving manner and can be set up again just as quickly when spontaneous meetings are scheduled. With a large portion of flexibility, they enrich your everyday working life and you can look calmly at what is coming up.

Standing stool

Standing stools are a convincing alternative to counter chairs. They take the strain off your back and legs when you are working behind a sales counter or high table. If the models are also pendulum stools, your work becomes more dynamic. While the stable base stands securely, the seat of these stools can be moved in all directions.

What should your stool be able to do?

Your work stool should adapt as individually as possible to you and your needs. Only then can it offer you the comfort you need for relaxed working.

Adjustable in height

Adjustable in height

You decide whether it goes up or down: Is the swivel stool height adjustable? Does the stool have a gas pressure spring? Just like office chairs, work stools should also adapt to your proportions to give you an ergonomic posture.

With and without castors

With and without castors

Do you need a work stool with castors or without? In the doctor's office or hairdresser's you are constantly on the move. During a meeting, things can be static. It doesn't matter whether you choose castors or feet with glides: Match the variant to the floor of your workplace. Soft castors are suitable for smooth, hard floors. Hard castors are designed for soft floors. Glides leave fewer marks, especially on sensitive floors such as floorboards.

The load capacity and the dead weight

The load capacity and the dead weight

It goes without saying that all seating furniture should be designed for your weight. Sometimes, however, it can also make sense to take a closer look at the dead weight of your work stool. Especially stacking stools and stacking chairs that you want to set up and put away spontaneously should be lightweight.

Simply stylish and practical

Classic, industrial or futuristic: work stools easily adapt to the furnishing style of your workplace. The roller stool in white is just as available as the standing version with a bright green cover.

As far as the materials used are concerned, however, it is sometimes worth taking a closer look at the working environment before making a choice. In a workshop where wood or metal chips are a quasi-fixed part of the interior, seating surfaces made of wood or plastic are preferable to upholstered textile versions. Here, separate cushions or pads are the better choice for extra comfort.

The frames are usually made of aluminium or steel and are therefore extremely durable.

Think of the environment!

If you are concerned about sustainability, we recommend the Modulor work stool: all its parts are screwed or plugged in. You can replace them individually if necessary and thus significantly increase the useful life of the swivel stool.