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While the translucent version of the polypropylene is mainly used as a cover for broschures, the opaque version is good for use as the rear cover. It is sturdy and, by virtue of its slightly rough surface, does not show up fingerprints.

It is very easy to make a folder out of PP film by simply cutting and folding it. When used as a hinge-joint it is practically indefatigable. These sheets of PP can also be used as packing material and as decoration. For making lamps, translucent polypropylene should be the first choice of material to be used.

Cutting PP sheets can be done especially well using a Guillotine paper cutter or fly cutter but good results can be obtained with a blade and straight edge as well. The sheets can be stamped using normal punching tools. Making a groove for a hinge or a fold should be done with a round groove knife (e.g. a folding bone) working on an even, solid substrate.

The mass per unit area of the 0.8 mm thick film is 728 g/m².

Polypropylene opaque, coloured, matte

0.8 x 210 x 297 A4, white (1070)
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