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  • Polycarbonate transparent, colourless
    15 Variants
    Polycarbonate transparent, colourless
    from 2,40 €
    glossy/glossy, both sides with prorective film
  • Knurled nut
    3 Variants
    Knurled nut
    from 0,30 €
    polyamide (PA) or polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polycarbonate film, translucent, colourless
    3 Variants
    Polycarbonate film, translucent, colourless
    from 4,00 €
    Type: DE 6-2
  • Fisso ghost, hidden wall mount
    2 Variants
    Fisso ghost, hidden wall mount
    from 9,10 €
    click system: distance sleeve and attachable plug with fit-up aid (centre to edge: 28 mm), designed for wall mounting signs without drill holes, distance sleeve made of nickel-plated brass, attachable mounting piece...
  • Fisso klipser hidden mount
    3 Variants
    Fisso klipser hidden mount
    from 6,20 €
    click system: distance piece and nipple that can be clicked into place for mounting smaller objects that have no drill holes (e.g. letters); made of colourless-translucent polycarbonate, comes with screws and dowels...
  • Safety goggles, standard
    Safety goggles, standard
    from 4,00 €
    polycarbonate, with integral side protection, can also be worn as overglasses
  • Fisso Connector, for 5 mm panels
    14 Variants
    Fisso Connector, for 5 mm panels
    from 1,40 €
    panel connector for 5 mm thick panels, polycarbonate, transparent, glass green, impact resistant, for fixed connections, insert depth (length of side piece) = 20 mm
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