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      Finger Paints



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      • Mucki fingerpaints set
        2 Variants
        Mucki fingerpaints set
        from 14,90 €
        Set contents: 5 cans of 50 ml each in white, yellow, red, blue, black; 2 small cans for mixing and storing colors, 10 motif cards, 40 self-ad ..., Product description: Brilliant water-based paints
      • Mucki fingerpaints
        13 Variants
        Mucki fingerpaints
        from 4,30 €
        Properties: Luminuous, water-based paints, Consistency: Creamy and pasty, ideal for use with fingers and hands, Use: With hands, brush, or spatula
      • Mucki fingerpaint set for fabrics
        Mucki fingerpaint set for fabrics
        from 18,90 €
        Set contents: 4 cans each 150 ml, Product description: Brilliant, water-based paints, Consistency: Creamy, ideal for use with fingers and hands