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      • Herma colour adhesive dots, small pack
        45 Variants
        Herma colour adhesive dots, small pack
        from 1,50 €
        self-adhesive, firmly adhering coloured dots on silicone carrier paper (84 x 120 mm) in various diameters; given quantities: number of dots per package; white or coloured writing paper (approx. 80 g/m²), labels and...
      • Double sided adhesive foam blocks, white
        12 Variants
        Double sided adhesive foam blocks, white
        from 0,80 €
        closed cell PE foam, adhesive: rubber-based, temperature resistant up to ca. 65 C°, on silicone paper, given dimensions: height x length x width
      • Herma photo stickers
        2 Variants
        Herma photo stickers
        from 2,50 €
        double-sided self-adhesive paper segments with pull tabs, white, 17 x 12 mm, solvent free, acid-free, archival quality
      • Herma colour adhesive dots, office pack
        8 Variants
        Herma colour adhesive dots, office pack
        from 6,00 €
        self-adhesive, strongly adhering colour dots made of silconized carrier paper, various diameters, amounts given are the number of dots per package; white or coloured writable paper (ca. 80 g/m²), label and carrier...
      • CD fixation dots, felt, self-adhesive
        CD fixation dots, felt, self-adhesive
        from 9,50 €
        one-sided self-adhesive dots, punched out of non-ductile felt, ø approx. 15 mm, th = approx. 3.0 mm
      • One-sided adhesive dots, PVC-film
        One-sided adhesive dots, PVC-film
        from 38,85 €
        soft PVC dots, transparent, colourless, multiple rows, come on silicone paper in rolls
      Information about Adhesive Dots

      The Herma company has such an extensive range of labels that practically every need can be satisfied. In addition to the standard labels that you write on (adhesive dots and multipurpose labels), there is also a large selection of printer labels which can be used with all types of printers.

      Herma print labels can be used with printers without concern because of their optimal flatness and high degree of suppleness. In order to prevent the mechanical parts of the printer coming into contact with the adhesive, the covering paper overlaps somewhat all the way around. Herma labels are continually being tested on the machines of the leading printer manufacturers with the following result: an exclusive recommendation from HP as well a certificate of quality from Epson, Oki, Xerox and many others.

      To carry the complete range of Herma labels in stock would be pretty much impossible. We have therefore limited our assortment to those that are most widely used; but any other Herma article that you might require can be ordered on very short notice (usually within 24 hours). At you will find a well designed and easy-to-use web site displaying all the Herma products. If you find the label you want at the site, Modulor can get it for you immediately.

      The labels are easy to print: label formats are already programmed into many established software solutions. Free format updates are available under

      Great suppleness and optimal (lay)flatness provide trouble-free feeding and run-through. The specially cut label sheets have smooth, clean edges all around thereby preventing paper dust from forming deposits.
      The all-around protective edge protects the rollers and drum from being soiled with adhesive.

      In the climate protective packaging the labels are safe from moisture and temperature influences.

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