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      • Brillianta bookbinding cloth, coloured
        28 Variants
        Brillianta bookbinding cloth, coloured
        from 2,60 €
        material: 100% coloured spun rayon fabric, not calendered, Carriers: reverse side is acid-free, white paper carrier 30 g/m², Fabric configuration: warp 23.0 threads/cm, weft 21.7 threads/cm
      • Neobond synthetic fibre paper
        13 Variants
        Neobond synthetic fibre paper
        from 0,95 €
        additional characteristics: tear resistant, fold resistant, dimensional stability; light, aging and chemical resistant; waterproof, food safe
      • Solid rubber gasket sheet, black
        6 Variants
        Solid rubber gasket sheet, black
        from 1,20 €
        material: NR-SBR (natural rubber, styrene and butadiene rubber composite)
      • Leather fibre fabric, raw, anthracite, mottled
        2 Variants
        Leather fibre fabric, raw, anthracite, mottled
        from 10,90 €
        solid colours, matte/rough, front side is smooth, reverse side has fine embossed texture
      • Rubber stretch cord, thin, coloured
        4 Variants
        Rubber stretch cord, thin, coloured
        from 4,90 €
        wrapped rubber
      • Straight pins, iron or mild steel
        6 Variants
        Straight pins, iron or mild steel
        from 2,60 €
        iron or steel, rust protected by nickel plating or coloured lacquer coat, small head, given dimensions: l x ø
      • Elastic braces, coloured, wide
        15 Variants
        Elastic braces, coloured, wide
        from 7,60 €
        81.5% polyester, 18.5% synthetic elastomer (rubber), elongation to approx. 70%, weight: approx. 29.1 kg/1000 m in w = 35 mm, woven border, finished with the customary glaze
      • Rubber cord with polyester sheath, monochrome
        26 Variants
        Rubber cord with polyester sheath, monochrome
        from 0,40 €
        Shell: woven out of polyester
      • Tyvek PE spun fleece, white, soft
        2 Variants
        Tyvek PE spun fleece, white, soft
        from 6,20 €
        material: spun HDPE filaments, bonded through pressure and heat, micro-perforated, Type: 1622 E
      • Latex film. translucent, colourless
        2 Variants
        Latex film. translucent, colourless
        from 32,50 €
        Elongation at break: max. 800%, Storage temperature: max. 26 °C
      • Polyester bulk fleece, white
        6 Variants
        Polyester bulk fleece, white
        from 2,00 €
        filter or handicraft fleece from 100% polyester, machine washable up to 60 °C, can be dried in a dryer
      • Cotton twill tape, coloured
        14 Variants
        Cotton twill tape, coloured
        from 3,70 €
        100% cotton, twill weave (herringbone pattern), weight: approx. 3.5 kg/1000m in a width of 20 mm, woven edges, has the usual commercial finish
      • SnapPap paper, leather look, sewable
        5 Variants
        SnapPap paper, leather look, sewable
        from 15,90 €
        Material: paper with leather look (cellulose with latex core), Thickness: 0,55 mm, Attributes: sewable, machine washable, can be ironed, Surface composition: suitable for painting, plotting, gluing, printing, and more
      • Magnetic disk, neodymium, self-adhesive
        4 Variants
        Magnetic disk, neodymium, self-adhesive
        from 4,90 €
        neodymium iron boron (NdFeB), nickel-plated, matte, extreme adherence strength (10 to 15 times stronger than normal ferrite magnets of the same size), direction of the magnetization is through the height (axial), for...
      • Rivet fastener, nickel-plated
        2 Variants
        Rivet fastener, nickel-plated
        from 0,75 €
        steel, silver, glossy, 2-piece (top and bottom pieces), ø shaft 4.0 mm, ø head 9.0 mm, given length is the distance between the heads
      • Oratape MT80P transfer tape
        2 Variants
        Oratape MT80P transfer tape
        from 2,50 €
        polymer plasticized PVC, th = 0.1 mm, acrylic adhesive ((adhesive strength 2 N/25) processing temperature > +10 °C, paper release paper 62 g/m², inner diameter of roll core is 76 mm
      • Handicraft and decoration felt, coloured
        80 Variants
        Handicraft and decoration felt, coloured
        from 0,70 €
        35% wool, 65% viscose, comes (1) in rolls with unfolded felt wrapped around a tube in widths of 450 or 900 mm and (2) in a 1800 mm wide version whereby the felt is folded in half and then “rolled” up on itself;...
      • Bookbinding material, half-linen
        4 Variants
        Bookbinding material, half-linen
        from 3,30 €
        blended fabric in various beige tones (composition, see information), backing is white acid-free carrier paper 30 g/m², calendered, polyvinyl acetate finish, fabric configuration see information, usable width = 1070mm
      • Ticket and eyelet punch pliers, standard quality
        Ticket and eyelet punch pliers, standard quality
        from 19,90 €
        cast iron, chromed, for making holes and eyelets in one step as well as for making separate pre-holes, adjustable depth stop when making holes (maximum insertion (throat) depth: 13 mm up to the middle of the hole),...
      • Leather fibre fabric, coated, coloured
        6 Variants
        Leather fibre fabric, coated, coloured
        from 15,50 €
        material: fibre leather fabric carrier material
      • Leather strip, round, coloured, sold by metre
        4 Variants
        Leather strip, round, coloured, sold by metre
        from 0,70 €
        unadulterated natural surface, vegetable tanned
      • Natural cork, sewable (cork fabric)
        2 Variants
        Natural cork, sewable (cork fabric)
        from 21,50 €
        Material: natural cork with fabric backing, Attributes: insulating, dimensionally stable, water-repellent, Dimensions: comes on a roll, w = 1000 mm, Thickness: th = 1 mm
      • Soft-PVC translucent film, colourless
        2 Variants
        Soft-PVC translucent film, colourless
        from 11,90 €
      • Soft-PVC transparent film, colourless, matte
        Soft-PVC transparent film, colourless, matte
        from 7,10 €
      • Oramask 810 stencil film
        Oramask 810 stencil film
        from 5,50 €
        transparent, light grey, monomer plasticized PVC, th = 0.08 mm, solvent-free acrylic adhesive (adhesive strength ≥ 1 N/25 mm), elongation at break at least 130% lengthwise, at least 150% widthwise, processing...
      • Braided cord, coloured
        14 Variants
        Braided cord, coloured
        from 1,00 €
        100% acrylic, no core, machine washable up to 40 °C
      • Plastic rivet fastener
        6 Variants
        Plastic rivet fastener
        from 0,80 €
        black, nylon, shaft diameter is 5.5 mm, head diameter is 12.0 mm, given length includes the head
      • Graphite paper
        2 Variants
        Graphite paper
        from 4,90 €
        anthracite colours
      • Ripstop spinnaker nylon, Schikarex
        14 Variants
        Ripstop spinnaker nylon, Schikarex
        from 8,60 €
        material: 100% polyamide, Strength: 0.05 mm, Grid size: distance between reinforcement threads 4 mm, Useable width: ca 1500 mm
      • Rubber sealing sheet, black
        Rubber sealing sheet, black
        from 14,40 €
        EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer ((M-class)), both sides fabric-textured, weather-resistant, approx. 60 Sh-A, certified per DIN EN 13501-1; Euroclass E, conforms to DIN 4102-1: construction material grade B2...
      • Steel eyelet, brass-coloured
        3 Variants
        Steel eyelet, brass-coloured
        from 3,30 €
        brass coloured, with small slits on the cylindrical end (makes crimping easier), comes in plastic box
      • Synthetic leather with knitted backing (1268)
        14 Variants
        Synthetic leather with knitted backing (1268)
        from 9,50 €
        75% polyurethane, 25% polyester, 415 g/m², th = 0,8 mm, solid colour, machine washable up to 30 °C, effective width is ca. 1370 mm, doubled over
      • Texon cellulose fleece, black
        2 Variants
        Texon cellulose fleece, black
        from 1,10 €
        cellulose fibre fleece, elastomerically bonded, solid colours, matte (lightly marbled), rough (fine linen texture), pH neutral
      • Steel eyelet, nickel-plated
        2 Variants
        Steel eyelet, nickel-plated
        from 14,90 €
        silver, packed in a carton
      • Heavy cotton canvas, monochrome (4795)
        11 Variants
        Heavy cotton canvas, monochrome (4795)
        from 8,90 €
        100% cotton, 350 g/m², solid coloured, basket weave, machine washable up to 40 °C , effective width ca. 1440 mm, doubled over
      • Eyelets, steel, various colours
        Eyelets, steel, various colours
        from 8,80 €
        Outer diameter: ca. 4,8mm, Inner diameter: ca. 4,3mm, Length: l=4,2mm, Amount: 1000 pieces
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