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      • Rigid-PVC, transparent, colourless
        8 Variants
        Rigid-PVC, transparent, colourless
        from 0,80 €
      • Kapa line, cardboard clad, white
        12 Variants
        Kapa line, cardboard clad, white
        from 3,90 €
        Sheet core: PUR rigid foam, light, Protective Film: Chromo-replacement cardboard, matt on both sides, pigmented white, Color: white, Brand: Kapa
      • Ecobra cutting mat, top quality green/black
        4 Variants
        Ecobra cutting mat, top quality green/black
        from 6,90 €
        Transparency: opaque, Material: Inner layers of rigid PVC, top layers of soft PVC, Material layers: 5-ply, Material thickness: 3 mm
      • Serigraphy board, white
        13 Variants
        Serigraphy board, white
        from 0,70 €
        material: Finnish wood pulp, Lamination: covered on both sides with white paper
      • mt 1P Basic masking tape, monochr. Washi adh. tape
        32 Variants
        mt 1P Basic masking tape, monochr. Washi adh. tape
        from 3,20 €
        Amount: 10 m per roll, material: rice paper, Strength: 0.05 mm
      • Rosco colour filter film, E-Colour sheet
        10 Variants
        Rosco colour filter film, E-Colour sheet
        from 3,50 €
        Base: polyester
      • Ponal Express
        3 Variants
        Ponal Express
        from 6,90 €
        material: fast setting water-based wood glue (white glue), Use: 150 g/m², application pressure must be at least 15 N/cm² (approx. 1.5 kg/cm²), at 20 °C leave open maximum 10 minutes
      • Kurator ready-made passepartout
        60 Variants
        Kurator ready-made passepartout
        from 2,00 €
        Surface: solid colour, glued multi-layers, Attributes: 100% acid-free, buffered with calcium carbonate (highest aging resistance, Ph = 7.5 - 8, Cut: 45 degree bevel cut
      • Graphic and cover board, coloured
        42 Variants
        Graphic and cover board, coloured
        from 1,70 €
        solid colour, matte, smooth/smooth
      • Double corrugated board, double-sided
        2 Variants
        Double corrugated board, double-sided
        from 3,90 €
        Flute type: BC-flute
      • Rigid-PVC, opaque, coloured
        7 Variants
        Rigid-PVC, opaque, coloured
        from 0,90 €
      • Decoflex veneer
        53 Variants
        Decoflex veneer
        from 3,90 €
        material: real wood veneer with paper backing, Classic quality: maple Canadian (variegated grain), bamboo natural / caramel (straight grain), birch Finnish (redary veneer), oak European (vari ...
      • Ecobra cutting mat, top quality translucent
        4 Variants
        Ecobra cutting mat, top quality translucent
        from 9,90 €
        material: inner layer made from hard PVC, top layer from soft PVC, Material layers: 3-layered, Material strength: 3 mm, Features: one side printed with grid design and cm graduation
      • Bristol board, bright white
        9 Variants
        Bristol board, bright white
        from 0,80 €
        material: chlorine-free bleached pulp (TCF)
      • Carta Varese, colour printed
        58 Variants
        Carta Varese, colour printed
        from 0,95 €
        chamois coloured paper, one side with extremely lightfast colours imprinted, short grain
      • Grey cardboard, smooth/smooth
        20 Variants
        Grey cardboard, smooth/smooth
        from 10,00 €
        material: 100% recycled paper
      • Coloured drawing paper
        85 Variants
        Coloured drawing paper
        from 1,90 €
        Material: colored paper from waste paper (pre-consumer), Surface: matt, Properties: acid-free, ph-neutral, light-resistant, Grammage: 110 g/m²
      • Finnboard (wood pulp), beige
        25 Variants
        Finnboard (wood pulp), beige
        from 12,50 €
        material: pure ground wood pulp
      • 3M 101E masking tape, light crepe paper
        2 Variants
        3M 101E masking tape, light crepe paper
        from 2,90 €
        Colour: beige, Adhesive: gum resin, Thickness: 0,125 mm, Temperature resistance: 30°C for 1 hour
      • Grey paperboard, smooth/rough
        6 Variants
        Grey paperboard, smooth/rough
        from 1,50 €
        material: not glued, from 100% recycled paper
      • Micro-corrugated board, double-sided
        2 Variants
        Micro-corrugated board, double-sided
        from 2,70 €
        Flute type: E-flute
      • Brown cardboard
        Brown cardboard
        from 1,90 €
        grey cardboard, both sides covered in brown, not glued, rough/rough
      • Rigid-PVC lightbox film, translucent
        2 Variants
        Rigid-PVC lightbox film, translucent
        from 0,80 €
        milky white, matte/matte, calendered, largely free from flow marks, light transmission: 55 %
      • Modulor bookbinding glue
        Modulor bookbinding glue
        from 5,90 €
        material: synthetic resin dispersion glue for paperboard, cardboard and glue binding work, End state: transparent when cured
      • X-film double-sided adhesive film, DX-1 (blue)
        4 Variants
        X-film double-sided adhesive film, DX-1 (blue)
        from 61,90 €
        material: monomer plasticised PVC, Strength: 0.08 mm
      • Polypropylene translucent, colourless, matte
        4 Variants
        Polypropylene translucent, colourless, matte
        from 1,00 €
        Surface: dull/silk matt, korona treated
      • Oracal 631 coloured adhesive film, opaque, matte
        48 Variants
        Oracal 631 coloured adhesive film, opaque, matte
        from 79,00 €
        PVC, th = 0.08 mm, removable acrylic adhesive (adhesive strength 7N/25 mm after 24 hours), temperature resistant –40 °C to +80 °C, paper release liner is 137 g/m², inner diameter of roll core is 76...
      • Microwood paper--backed veneer, double-sided
        8 Variants
        Microwood paper--backed veneer, double-sided
        from 3,30 €
        material: real wood veneer with paper backing, Bonding: glued to one another with an additional later of paper in between, Veneer thickness: approx. 0.1 mm, total thickness depending on the type of wood is 0.4 - 0.55 mm
      • Poster board, coloured
        13 Variants
        Poster board, coloured
        from 2,10 €
        coloured, matte finished, reverse side light beige
      • Neobond synthetic fibre paper
        12 Variants
        Neobond synthetic fibre paper
        from 1,00 €
        additional characteristics: tear resistant, fold resistant, dimensional stability; light, aging and chemical resistant; waterproof, food safe
      • Drawing (book printing) paper/board, smooth
        6 Variants
        Drawing (book printing) paper/board, smooth
        from 10,20 €
        yellowish white, smooth, wood free, top sized, 1.13-fold volume (1.3-fold at 100 g/m²), aging-resistant, without optical brightener, up to 150 g/m² with laser- and ink-jet guarantee (s/w)
      • Rigid-PVC, white
        3 Variants
        Rigid-PVC, white
        from 0,80 €
      • Folding bone
        Folding bone
        from 5,90 €
        material: bone
      • Japanese origami paper, hand printed
        7 Variants
        Japanese origami paper, hand printed
        from 5,90 €
        machine-made paper (Katazome is handmade), one side with different coloured patterns which are silk-screened by hand, reverse side is monochromatic, smooth/rough, packed in foil
      • Carta Tassotti, colour printed
        40 Variants
        Carta Tassotti, colour printed
        from 2,40 €
      • Polypropylene opaque, coloured, matte
        20 Variants
        Polypropylene opaque, coloured, matte
        from 1,95 €
        Surface: matt/matt/silk, Processing: korona treated
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