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white, reinforcement mat made from rovings, the layers are aligned at -45°, 0°, +45° and +90° respectively and sewn together

Glass fibre woven material, glass fleece and glass multiaxial fabric are all reinforcement materials which can be laminated with laminating resin in order to produce very stiff and mechanically sturdy components. The really high quality Quadriaxial glass fibre is our recommendation for use with Acrystal prima acrylic resin. Normally, 2 layers of the glass fibre fabric is enough. If you want to make thicker sheets through lamination, the resin coats between the glass fibre layer can be applied in thicker coats.

This material is very flexible and can be neatly fitted to any shape. For cutting work, we recommend that you use special scissors because if normal scissors are used they will quickly become very dull.


Please note that no exchange is possible in the case of products cut from rolls and the minimum order for products sold from rolls is 0.5 running metre.

Acrystal quadriaxial glass fibre 200-4D

210 g/m², th = 0.2 mm, w = 1270 mm
(19,61 €/m²)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
24,90 €
(19,61 €/)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping