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  • Cartone Gmund Savanna con struttura di legno
    9 Variants
    Cartone Gmund Savanna con struttura di legno
    from 0,80 €
    solid colour, wood-free, made from 65% chlorine-free bleached pulp (TCF) and 35% deinked recycled fibres, chlorine- and acid-free, pH neutral, non-aging, one side is matte with a wood texture (hard compressed),...
  • Cartoncino Moon Rock
    Cartoncino Moon Rock
    from 2,95 €
    Material: handmade, through-stamped paperboard made of cotton, Surface: matte, three-dimensional texture, Colour: white, Grammature: 250 g/m²
  • Cartone Valentinoise Gmund, colorato
    9 Variants
    Cartone Valentinoise Gmund, colorato
    from 2,50 €
    solid colour, 100% virgin fibre, chlorine-free, acid-free, pH neurtal, aging-resistant, both sides with linen texture
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