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      Products that we like. And why.

      In the last few weeks we were looking for special products. The aim was a manageable and colourful selection, which we really like. But: What is good? With this question and because we originally didn't want to name our product selection good, our heads were spinning - read more in the magazine. Now we show you the result. To be continued.

      Durable and often reusable.

      Löwe forbici a incudine da potatura

      With these mitre cutters you have a lifetime supply. Due to special manufacturing processes and continuous quality controls, Löwe cutters are particularly durable. If you have planned a sharing experiment: Start it with these cutters! Made in Germany.

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      Coltello tascabile Opinel No. 06 Colorama Art Deco

      The blade of the pocket knife is made of stainless steel. Perfect for outdoor activities: With the leather strap you can safely hang the closed knife on your key ring or backpack. It also comes without plastic packaging. Made in France.

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      Nastro adesivo Teraoka con tessuto P-Cut No. 4140

      You can remove the Teraoka adhesive tape from almost all materials - works great with bubble wrap. A big plus: It retains its adhesive power during all the sticking and peeling! Minus point: The tape comes from Japan. We have not yet found a comparable tape nearby.

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      Modulor furniture

      We design our Modulor furniture ourselves and have it manufactured in Germany. They are timeless and will accompany you for a lifetime. Robust and durable, simple and modular.

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      Repairing and preserving.

      Formcard bio-plastica termoplastica, set da 3

      Formcard is made of fusible bio-plastic and is ingenious for repairing things or expanding them with an individual form. The plastic can be reused almost indefinitely and has been successfully financed from day one since the Kickstarter campaign 2015. Made in England.

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      Set di bit di precisione iFixit Mako, 64 bit

      You can save a lot of things from the garbage. iFixit, for example, is indispensable for repairing electronic devices such as smartphones or laptops. The huge iFixit platform offers suitable repair instructions. Unfortunately the article is produced in China. If you know of anything similar in Europe, please write to us.

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      Il blocco di cera impregnante Dr.Gee per il cotone

      Clothing made of (waxed) cotton becomes waterproof and more durable with this impregnating wax made of pure beeswax and paraffin. Simply rub the fabric with it, iron it and repeat after a few washes if necessary. The beeswax comes from Germany, beekeeping is done exclusively with natural products.

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      Saving recources.

      Penna gel-roller Pilot Gel B2P

      This Pilot pen does not look like a PET bottle by chance. Its barrel is made of 89% recycled polyester. The manufacturer makes three B2P ink rollers from one PET bottle. Hence the name: Bottle to Pen (B2P). It rolls smoothly over the paper like a classic rollerball. Made in France.

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      Seawhite Mixed Media Block Cubcycling 140 g/m².

      The all-media paper consists of 80% recycled paper cups. Until now, these have hardly been recycled at all, because the cardboard is firmly attached to a plastic layer. However, the paper manufacturer James Cropper has succeeded in separating this coating from the paper with his CupCycling process. Manufactured in England.

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      Confezione di foto in cartone colorato

      The photo cardboard in many great colours is made from waste paper, which is a by-product of the production of paper products. It is certified with one of the strictest environmental labels in Europe, the Nordic eco-label "Nordic Swan". In addition, the photo board complies with the European standard on toy safety (DIN EN 71, part 3) in toxicological terms.

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      Tesa nastro adesivo tesafilm tesafilm Eco & Clear

      Eco & Clear is as transparent and adhesive as the classic adhesive tape. In addition, it is a resource-saving product made of 100% recycled plastic (backing material and roll core) and is solvent-free adhesive coated. Manufactured in Germany.

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      Brunnen Collegeblock Riciclaggio

      At first glance, the Brunnen Collegeblock with its extra white paper does not show that it is made of 100% waste paper. Further advantages are the climate-neutral production and the Blue Angel certificate. We also like the practical head spiral, which guarantees undisturbed writing for both right and left-handed people.

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      Alles Greenwashing oder was?

      Avoid plastic waste.

      HALM Cannucce di vetro

      If you can't do without the straw in your cocktail, reach for HALM. In addition to saving on plastic straws, the company donates to Trash Hero for every set purchased. The organisation is committed to cleaning up and avoiding plastic waste. Made in Germany.

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      Inspiring and guiding.

      Books & more

      You can find further inspiration for the sake of the environment in our shop, e.g. the plastic savings book or instructions on how to save the world at least a little bit.

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