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Productbirch modelling sticks
Materialbirch, sanded and polished
Length150 mm

These six different modelling sticks are each 15 cm long and made of sanded and polished birch wood. They are intended as tools for working on water-based, clay-like and ceramic modelling compounds. That both ends of the tools can be used is particularly practical. In this way, there are actually a total of 12 tips available for your use. This of course increases the designing possibilities but can also save time because instead of having to set one tool down to pick up another, in many instances you can simply turn the tool around in you hand and keep right on working!

These tools are especially useful when working with pottery. As the potter´s wheel turns, the tools with the serrated or jagged tips can be pressed into the clay whereby beautiful grooves and textures can be made effortlessly.

For very delicate work on small pieces like doll sculptures or detailed figures we recommend correspondingly intricate modelling tools like, for instance, probes, artist knives and putty knives and just plain knives!

Wooden modelling sticks, set No. 1

set of 6, in soft plastic case
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