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Article No.0176116
Plate corefine pore insulation panel made from extruded polystyrene foam
Surfacesmooth (sheared)
Characteristicsextremely pressure-resistant (high density), certified per EN 13501-1, conforms to DIN 4102: building material class B1 (flame resistant)
Densityapprox. 52 kg/m³

The thicknesses of these pre-cut styrofoam sheets have been precisely cut, and they can be further cut both easily and quickly and at the same time precisely with a HOT WIRE CUTTER or a blade.

This material is denser than the uncut version of styrofoam we have on offer. Because of this, you will clearly see just how much smoother the faces are of the cuts made with the hot wire cutter. In order to achieve a uniformly white colour it is best to spray the foam with a coat of grey paint first.

We normally deliver the panels in slightly larger sizes than those given because any small border imperfections are not removed. The given dimensions can, however, be taken at face value.

Styrofoam is free of HBCD (Hexabromcyclododecane).

Styrofoam light blue, trimmed

app. 1.0 x 295 x 313 mm
(20,58 €/m²)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
1,90 €
(20,58 €/)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
Width × Length: