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SikaBlock PUR rigid modelling foam M80

light yellow, 100.0 x 195 x 245
(4,79 €/dm³)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
22,90 €
(4,79 €/dm³)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
Width × Length:
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Article No.0204880
materialfine-pored polyurethane-based rigid foam
Density80 kg/m³
Linear thermal expansion coefficient70 x 10 -6 K -1 (DIN 53752)

Applications: PUR rigid foam M80 is the softes one and mostly used in the production of base shapes for design, styling and clay models which have relatively larger scales, as well as for form studies and trial runs on the milling machine. It is much less expensive than the denser PUR materials but its surface as a rule demands more work to achieve a nice finish.

Treatment: The low density of the PUR rigid foam M80 allows it to not only be worked on with shop machines but hand-held tools as well (sawing, rasping, filing and sanding). The surface of this material has a somewhat refractory, porous texture which means that it must be filled, primed and sanded a number of times in order to create a surface ready for the painting.


not lightfast (will fade)

TAIDSikaBlock PUR rigid modelling foam M80 & Tools/Plates/Rigid Foam Sheets/Polyurethane Rigid Foam Sheets