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SikaBlock PUR M600N modeling board

light brown, 50,0 x 95 x 120
(17,37 €/dm³)incl. VAT / excl. shipping
9,90 €
(17,37 €/dm³)
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
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Width × Length:
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Article No.3015158-ST
Materialmicrocellular, polyurethane-based model making material
Colourlight brown
Shore hardnessShore 58 D (= 100 Shore A), very hard (ISO 868)
Density600 kg/m³ (ISO 845)
Compressive strength16 - 18 MPa (at 10% compression, ISO 604)
Bending strength18 - 20 MPa (ISO 178)
Modus of elasticity850 MPa (ISO 178)
Thermal expansion coefficientlinear 55 x 10-6 K-1(DIN 53752)
Heat deflection temperature75 - 80 °C (ISO 75 B)
Impact resistance8 kJ/m² (ISO 179 Ue)

Because of its high degree of stability and its excellent edge strength, the M600N board is a considerably more durable and robust model making material than rigid foam made of either PS or PUR. Its high density and the uniform smooth surface make it a good choice for producing data control models and master models as well as basic deep drawing moulds. In addition, it can also be used to make precisely shaped small parts that can be primed and painted without the need of any filling work.

Processing: When being machined, the M600N throws off much less dust than many of the products with the same density with which it is in competition. Its dense surface takes very well to being glued with cyanacrylate adhesives (superglue). Note: a bond will hold much better if the board is lightly moistened beforehand.

FJEMXSikaBlock PUR M600N modeling board & Tools/Plates/Rigid Foam Sheets/Polyurethane Rigid Foam Sheets