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  • Foamboard, white, white core
    3 Variants
    Foamboard, white, white core
    from 0,90 €
    Strength: 5 mm, Dimensions: different varieties available
  • Foamboard, black, black core
    6 Variants
    Foamboard, black, black core
    from 2,10 €
    pitch black polysyrol rigid foam covered on both sides with solid black matte paper
  • Foamboard, white, one side self-adhesive
    2 Variants
    Foamboard, white, one side self-adhesive
    from 2,00 €
    white PS rigid foam core, one side covered with white self-adhesive paper (the protective film has printed black diamonds), one side covered with white paper that has a matte coating
  • Foamboard black/grey, black core
    2 Variants
    Foamboard black/grey, black core
    from 5,50 €
    pitch black PS rigid foam core, both sides covered in matte solid coloured paper
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