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  • Grey cardboard, smooth/smooth
    13 Variants
    Grey cardboard, smooth/smooth
    from 2,20 €
    glued, from 100% recycled paper
  • Micro-corrugated board, double-sided
    4 Variants
    Micro-corrugated board, double-sided
    from 2,20 €
  • Modulor's presentation board, matte, deep black
    4 Variants
    Modulor's presentation board, matte, deep black
    from 2,40 €
    fully dyed, 4-ply core, both sides covered with black paper
  • Finnboard (wood pulp), beige
    16 Variants
    Finnboard (wood pulp), beige
    from 0,30 €
    from pure ground wood pulp, smooth/rough (not glued) 0.9 mm, respectively smooth/smooth (glued) all other thicknesses/P>
  • Double corrugated board, double-sided
    3 Variants
    Double corrugated board, double-sided
    from 3,10 €
  • Honeycomb board, cardboard clad, white
    4 Variants
    Honeycomb board, cardboard clad, white
    from 14,40 €
    white/white, covered with Kraft liner (430 g/m²), tolerances: ± 3.0 mm (length and width of 1185 x 2390) or ± 0.3 mm (thickness)
  • Project sketchbook
    28 Variants
    Project sketchbook
    from 4,50 €
    cream white drawing paper, rough, wood and acid free, chlorine-free bleached, thread stitch binding, flush fitting book cover from unlaminated 2 mm thick bookbinding grey board; straight, coloured linen spine
  • Neobond synthetic fibre paper
    13 Variants
    Neobond synthetic fibre paper
    from 0,95 €
    both sides painted, from selected pulp and synthetic fibres (unplasticized), smooth, tear resistant, fold resistant, dimensional stability; light, aging and chemical resistant; waterproof, food safe, temperature...
  • Brown cardboard
    Brown cardboard
    from 1,80 €
    grey cardboard, both sides covered in brown, not glued, rough/rough
  • Transparent sketching paper rolls
    7 Variants
    Transparent sketching paper rolls
    from 4,50 €
    Material: 100% cellulose, wood free, Colour: colourless (white), Transparency: translucent, Suface: matte/matte
  • Poster board, coloured
    42 Variants
    Poster board, coloured
    from 0,40 €
    coloured, matte finished, reverse side light beige
  • Honeycomb board, paper-clad, brown
    6 Variants
    Honeycomb board, paper-clad, brown
    from 11,90 €
    Colour: brown/brown, Cover: testliner, Tolerances: ± 3,0 mm (length and width for 1185 x 2390) or. ± 0,3 mm (thickness))
  • Fine corrugated board, double-sided
    3 Variants
    Fine corrugated board, double-sided
    from 2,30 €
  • Solid fibreboard, black
    3 Variants
    Solid fibreboard, black
    from 4,50 €
    solid colour, lightly speckled, not glued, smooth/smooth (both sides satined)
  • Bookbinding cardboard, grey
    5 Variants
    Bookbinding cardboard, grey
    from 2,30 €
    non-bonded, beginning at a thickness of 1.5 mm it is bonded, made from 100% waste paper
  • Graphic and cover board, coloured
    42 Variants
    Graphic and cover board, coloured
    from 1,65 €
    solid colour, matte, smooth/smooth
  • Bristol board, bright white
    9 Variants
    Bristol board, bright white
    from 0,65 €
    acid-free, smooth/smooth, from chlorine-free bleached pulp (TCF), from 625 g/m² is glued
  • Serigraphy board, white
    15 Variants
    Serigraphy board, white
    from 0,65 €
    finnboard, both sides laminated with white paper, smooth/smooth, glued (from 1.5 mm)
  • Carta Varese, colour printed
    77 Variants
    Carta Varese, colour printed
    from 0,80 €
    chamois coloured paper, one side with extremely lightfast colours imprinted, short grain
  • Kurator passepartout board
    10 Variants
    Kurator passepartout board
    from 2,80 €
    Surface: solid colour, glued multi-layers, Attributes: 100% acid-free, buffered with calcium carbonate (highest aging resistance per DIN ISO 9706, Material: alpha cellulose (wood pulp), neutral sizing
  • F-Color bookbinding paper with linen texture
    24 Variants
    F-Color bookbinding paper with linen texture
    from 1,80 €
    solid colour, semi-gloss, aging resistant, can be recycled, wood free, acid-free, pH neutral per ISO 9706 (international standards), EN 71/3 certified (toy safety), fine linen texture
  • Grey paperboard, smooth/rough
    5 Variants
    Grey paperboard, smooth/rough
    from 0,20 €
    not glued, from 100% recycled paper
  • Sketch booklet, grey cardboard
    5 Variants
    Sketch booklet, grey cardboard
    from 1,95 €
    cream white drawing paper, matte, rough texture, wood-free, acid-free, chlorine-free bleached, staple binding, grey cover made of bookbinding cardboard (300 g/m²)
  • Drawing paper roll ''Accademia'', white
    4 Variants
    Drawing paper roll ''Accademia'', white
    from 15,60 €
    bright white, matte, wood free, acid-free, non-aging, packed in paper
  • Sketchbook, grey board with spiral binding
    7 Variants
    Sketchbook, grey board with spiral binding
    from 5,60 €
    cream white drawing paper, rough, wood and acid free, chlorine-free bleached, round punch holes, black metal spiral binding ø 25.4 mm, overlaying book cover from stiff, 2 mm thick grey board
  • Protopaper
    2 Variants
    from 2,95 €
    matte finish on one side
  • Modulor's black graphic board
    3 Variants
    Modulor's black graphic board
    from 1,40 €
    grey cardboard, both sides laminated with matte black paper
  • Blank book block
    6 Variants
    Blank book block
    from 4,60 €
    smooth cream white paper with visible screening texture, 90 g/m², with cream white smooth book end paper 120 g/m², bright white crepe paper spine
  • Coloured drawing paper
    84 Variants
    Coloured drawing paper
    from 0,12 €
    solid colour, acid-free, matte, pH neutral, made from waste paper, certified per DIN EN 71, Part 3, the LGA (German product testing agency) and the "Blue Angel"
  • Cromático,- Ca. transparent paper, coloured
    32 Variants
    Cromático,- Ca. transparent paper, coloured
    from 0,50 €
    translucent, solid colour, wood free, from 100% cellulose, smooth, conditionally suitable for ink-jet and laser printer (b/w)
  • Presentation board, matte, black core
    6 Variants
    Presentation board, matte, black core
    from 4,00 €
    both sides laminated with coloured paper, solid black cardboard core
  • Large perforated board, RV 2.0/6.0
    13 Variants
    Large perforated board, RV 2.0/6.0
    from 2,90 €
    punched paper board in various thicknesses and designs
  • Particle board, orange-brown
    3 Variants
    Particle board, orange-brown
    from 4,30 €
    machined particle board Psp 3020 (0.5 mm) or 3010 (1.0 and 1.5 mm), smooth (both sides satined), not glued
  • Natural paperboard Terra, coloured
    19 Variants
    Natural paperboard Terra, coloured
    from 3,80 €
    solid colour, rough/rough, from 100% recyled paper, not deinked
  • Drawing (book printing) paper/board, smooth
    9 Variants
    Drawing (book printing) paper/board, smooth
    from 0,50 €
    yellowish white, smooth, wood free, top sized, 1.13-fold volume (1.3-fold at 100 g/m²), aging-resistant, without optical brightener, up to 150 g/m² with laser- and ink-jet guarantee (s/w)
  • Modulor universal block U190
    5 Variants
    Modulor universal block U190
    from 2,80 €
    bright white drawing paper, matte, bonded together at the top, blue cardboard cover, cardboard underside
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