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        Honeycomb board, paper-clad, brown
        4 Variants
        Honeycomb board, paper-clad, brown
        from 8,50 €
        Color: brown/brown, Cover: test liner (200 g/m²), Tolerances: ± 3.0 mm (length and width of 1185 x 2390) or ± 0.3 mm (thickness)
      • Double corrugated board, double-sided
        2 Variants
        Double corrugated board, double-sided
        from 3,50 €
        Flute type: BC-flute
      • Fine corrugated board, double-sided
        Fine corrugated board, double-sided
        from 2,70 €
        Flute type: B-flute
      • Brown cardboard
        Brown cardboard
        from 1,90 €
        grey cardboard, both sides covered in brown, not glued, rough/rough
      • Micro-corrugated board, double-sided
        2 Variants
        Micro-corrugated board, double-sided
        from 2,50 €
        Flute type: E-flute
      • Honeycomb Board, Non-Clad
        2 Variants
        Honeycomb Board, Non-Clad
        from 8,90 €
        brown corrugated board combined into a composite, flute pitch 8 to 9.5 mm, flute height 4 to 5.3 mm, weight ca. ca. 57 kg/m³
      • Particle board sheets, orange-brown
        3 Variants
        Particle board sheets, orange-brown
        from 8,20 €
        material: machined particle board
      • Nano-corrugated board, one-sided, sheet, coloured
        3 Variants
        Nano-corrugated board, one-sided, sheet, coloured
        from 1,30 €
        F-flute, th = 1.0 mm, s(pacing) = 2.0 mm, semi-gloss
      • Micro-corrugated board, one-sided, sheet, coloured
        10 Variants
        Micro-corrugated board, one-sided, sheet, coloured
        from 1,30 €
        E-flute, th = 1.5 mm, s(pacing) = 3.0 mm, both sides colour printed (except for natural brown and white), semi-gloss
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