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      • All-purpose peel off China Marker
        7 Variants
        All-purpose peel off China Marker
        from 2,00 €
        core in easy-tear paper wrapper, waterproof, non-toxic in accordance with PMA Certificate (corresponds to ASTM D 4326)
      • Faber-Castell all-purpose pencil
        2 Variants
        Faber-Castell all-purpose pencil
        from 2,00 €
        waterproof, benzine soluble, wooden barrel painted the colour of the lead
      • Edding 950 industry painter
        5 Variants
        Edding 950 industry painter
        from 4,95 €
        Stroke width up to 10 mm, strong covering paint, highly permanent, lightfast (won´t fade), waterproof and smudge-resistant after drying, white plastic barrel, cap is colour of the paint
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