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      • Artist pigments
        29 Variants
        Artist pigments
        from 4,95 €
        non-soluble colour powder made from organic or inorganic substances, very lightfast (see the numerical values), non-toxic, no hazardous label required by the German Hazardous Substance Ordinance
      • Phosphorescent pigment neon, afterglow effect
        Phosphorescent pigment neon, afterglow effect
        from 4,90 €
        yellow green, phosphorescent (afterglow effect)
      • Canada balsam
        Canada balsam
        from 14,90 €
        natural oil of turpentine, cleaning and thinning liquid, distilled, colourless, density: 0,86 g/cm³, boiling range: 150-180 °C, flash point +32 °C
      • Modulor linseed oil
        2 Variants
        Modulor linseed oil
        from 6,50 €
        binding and thinning agent as well as paint medium for oil paints, liquid, amber colour, bleached, degummed, density: 0,94 g/cm³, flame point: +315 to 320 °C, no hazardous label required by the German Hazardous...
      • Plastic glitter, ultrafine
        10 Variants
        Plastic glitter, ultrafine
        from 2,50 €
        Pet glitter, shaker dispenser with 1 opening
      • Plastic glitter, fine
        5 Variants
        Plastic glitter, fine
        from 8,50 €
        PET glitter, shaker dispenser with 2 openings
      • White spirit
        2 Variants
        White spirit
        from 6,00 €
        cleaner and thinner
      • Biofarben Lasurbinder
        Biofarben Lasurbinder
        from 17,80 €
        water-based binding agent concentrate, soap and wax, transparent colourless, matter finish when dry, water permeable, non-yellowing, thin with water in a ratio of 1:5-6 before use, Coverage: 750 ml CONCENTRATE for...
      • Porcelain mortar and pestle
        Porcelain mortar and pestle
        from 8,80 €
        mortar bowl on glazed on outside, pestle only glazed on handle
      • Pigment spatula, chromed
        Pigment spatula, chromed
        from 3,10 €
        steel, chromed, untapered blade, wooden handle
      • Modulor Acrylic binder D 498, semi-glossy
        2 Variants
        Modulor Acrylic binder D 498, semi-glossy
        from 12,90 €
        medium for acrylic pigments, semi-gloss when dry
      • Schmincke gum arabic
        Schmincke gum arabic
        from 7,70 €
        binder and levelling agent for watercolour/gouache painting, gum arabica in liquid solution, pH: 6.5, yellowish brown, liquid, water soluble (even after dry), no hazardous label required by the German Hazardous...
      • Linseed oil varnish
        Linseed oil varnish
        from 9,40 €
        pure linseed oil, non-toxic, biodegradable
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