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Cut perfect circles from fabric, felt, etc.

Ratchet handle protects your wrists

Suitable for right or left-handed users

Location in StoreEGI79A
Article No.3010079-ST
Materialplastic with metal mechanics
Unit of measurementcm and inch
BladeRB 18 stainless steel blade, replaceable
EquipmentIntegrated safety covers for blade and turning tip
Possible circle diameters40-220 mm diameter

Set the cup, pen, and scissors aside, and cut perfect circles from fabric, felt, and thin rubber with this circular cutter. We've tested it: The sharp, round blade cuts rolling circle diameters of 40-220 mm, without warping the material. You lead the cutter with a little pressure on the black ratchet handle over the cutter wheel with only one hand.

The handle rotates with the circular guidance of the cutter - so your hand always stays in a comfortable position. You will especially appreciate the actual ratchet function when cutting smaller circles: Guide the cutter for about a quarter circle until it becomes uncomfortable for your hand. Then simply turn the handle back a little (as if you were turning on a faucet - making a "rattling" or "creaky" sound) and continue cutting and ratcheting until your circle is cut out.

Modulor Tip: To get the circle cutting championship with the Olfa circle cutter, you need some practice. Therefore, start with larger circles and simple cotton fabrics.

Another Tip: To keep the high-quality blade sharp for a long time, always use a cutting mat. If you need to replace the cutting wheel, CMP-3 replacement blades are ready for you in a two-pack. Incidentally, used blades are usually still sharp enough to cut paper and thin cardboard, so keep them for crafting!!

Olfa ratchet rotary compass cutter

incl. 1 blade RB18, for circles from 4-22cm
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R5MDKOlfa ratchet rotary compass cutterhttps://www.modulor.de/en/olfa-ratchet-rotary-compass-cutter.htmlhttps://cdn.modulor.de/products/r5mdk/1_480_480_r_olfa_kreiscutter_fur_gewebe_cmp_3.jpgInStock18.9EURTools/Cutting Tools/Cutters/Circle Cutters/Olfa ratchet rotary compass cutter