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      • Skin whiteboard
        3 Variants
        Skin whiteboard
        from 62,50 €
        size of useable space: 550 x 750 mm, 750 x 1150 mm, or 1000 x 1500, Application: portrait and landscape orientation
      • Stattys whiteboard film, self-adhering
        2 Variants
        Stattys whiteboard film, self-adhering
        from 5,90 €
        material: polypropylene film, Dimensions: available as pad (DIN A4) or in a roll that comes in a sturdy carton (DIN A1)
      • Whiteboard dry eraser
        2 Variants
        Whiteboard dry eraser
        from 6,90 €
        given dimensions: length x width x height
      • Aslan whiteboard film WB 995, self-adhesive
        Aslan whiteboard film WB 995, self-adhesive
        from 44,50 €
        high gloss polyester/PVC compound film, th = 0.13 mm, solvent-free acrylate adhesive (adhesive strength ≥ 5N), silicon paper release liner, inner diameter of the roll’s tube is 76 mm
      • Franken  cleaner spray for whiteboards
        Franken cleaner spray for whiteboards
        from 7,90 €
        cleaning spray, washing active alcoholic solution, fast-drying, eco-friendly, suitable for dry-erasable whiteboard markers
      Information about Whiteboards

      Whiteboards or markerboards are normally white in colour and have a very smooth writing surface that can be written on with special felt pens and then dry-erased. The higher contrast between the writing and the background improves readability considerably as compared to the standard school blackboard. It also has the additional advantage that it can also be more quickly written on after being dry-erased. Standard whiteboard with aluminium or plastic frames tends to look somewhat, well, banal. The Spanish company Rocasa has come up with a magnetic board that is a stylish and unpretentious alternative, one that should be considered as being even more than just a fancy blackboard: on its own it can serve as a way to generally configure walls in offices, workplaces, kitchens, or children?s rooms. The standard aluminium or plastic frames have been replaced by a construction where all four sides of the board are simply finished with double beveled edges. Leaving the board frameless is not only more beautiful and more to the liking of a purist but also has the advantage that a number of boards can be placed side by side without any space between them or can be placed at the corners of two walls in a wrap-around configuration, whereby a really large, contiguous working space can be produced. In addition, whiteboards can be used as makeshift projection surfaces. Skin boards for hanging on walls are not only available as whiteboards but as black chalkboards as well. Both can be used in conjunction with one another – this produces a wall that is rich in contrast and upon which different writing techniques can be employed. Both of their sides are the same length and their widths as well. Both versions can be used in conjunction with MAGNETS, POST-ITs or STATTYS as pinboards or presentation boards; the whiteboard can be written on with whiteboard markers, the chalkboard with chalk and crayons. Our product CHALK MINI, ROUND works especially well with the whiteboards because it really lays down chalk well on that surface, thereby forming very intense and legible lettering.

      Every size and type can be mounted on a wall in either landscape or portrait format. Mounting the board to a wall entails using the accompanying hole-drilling template and employing four strong magnets together with screws and wall-anchors. The board will eventually be attached to the magnets. In that way the board can always be easily removed or moved around. This also provides a way to compensate for inaccuracies committed when boring the holes. When joining a number of boards together, the magnets make it easy to push the boards into their respective places. The rail that serves as a tray for chalks, markers and the like can, if you so desire, be mounted on the lower side - whether the board is hung in landscape or portrait format is irrelevant. The screws required for this job are included. Hidden within the name of the product SKIN FLIPCHART PAD HOLDER is a versatility that at first glance is not perceived: that product, together with a paper pad of course, can, you see, be hung on the above described whiteboards and chalkboards, thereby turning them into flipcharts!

      When it comes to this whiteboard, the usual advice for all whiteboards is in order: wet clean as often as possible in order to be sure that any dirt is completely removed! We are well aware of the fact that dry-wiping is the usual method associated with whiteboards and are not suggesting that you forego that method, but it should always be remembered that it in no way can replace wet-wiping over the long run – ideally, you should also use a special cleaning agent like DURABLE SUPERCLEAN intermittently as well!

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