Wooden table-top at an affordable price

Lively grain

Naturally oiled - pleasant feel

Beveled edge - filigree appearance

From a diameter of 60 cm

Handcrafted in Germany

Article No.3011559-001-ST
MaterialBirch multiplex plywood, waterproof glued, top sanded and double oiled, bottom sanded
CoverBirch peeled veneer, grain parallel to the short side
Edge25 ° bevel edge, ground and oiled

Would you like to have a round table with a natural wood surface, but it doesn't have to be a noble veneer of oak or walnut? Then you might like our multiplex table-top with beveled edge and an oiled, natural surface. This treatment gives the simple, almost semi-finished top two beautiful details which, when combined with a matching table frame, make it a fully-fledged and durable piece of furniture. And at a good price.

Natural surface - oiled and moisture-repellent

The surface of birch peeled veneer is treated with a special natural oil. This makes the table-top moisture-repellent and resistant for your everyday use, but the wood remains open-pored for a healthy indoor climate and retains its natural, warm feel. The layers of the birch multiplex plywood are glued waterproof, their characteristic striped edges are finely sanded and also oiled so that no moisture can penetrate.

Light look

The 25° beveled edge makes the stable multiplex tabletop appear much thinner, almost floating, because only approx. 8 mm of material remains as visible edge of the tabletop.

Matching table frames

The multiplex table-top with beveled edge looks particularly light on our Y table frames, where the frame is offset inwards and is therefore not visible at first glance. If you choose a Y table frame with legs made of solid wood, you can design a cozy table (almost) entirely of wood with a round top from 1 m in diameter. For good flatness, we advise you to screw the 18 mm thick plate to the table frame.

So your multiplex table-top stays beautiful for a long time

Oiled wooden surfaces are protected from dirt and have antibacterial and anti-static properties. The oil-wax mixture maintains the wood and leaves the pores open. If you spill coffee or water on the table top, the protective film of oil will prevent the immediate penetration of the liquid, but you should hurry to wipe it away to prevent it from being absorbed into the surface. You can use the round multiplex tabletop e.g. for your dining table, side table, or a conference table in the office. But make the effort to oil the surface regularly, and your wooden table-top will age with dignity, becoming even more beautiful.

Good to know

The surface of the multiplex table-top consists of birch peeled veneer. Due to its manufacture - the tree trunk is "peeled off" from the outside in with the veneer knife - the peeled veneer shows a moving, irregular grain. Small mistakes, such as Knotholes can be touched up with puzzle-like inlays. Oiling increases the grain and emphasizes the liveliness of the wood. Since wood is a raw material grown at different locations under very different conditions, of course no veneer is the same. For you, this means: Your multiplex table-top has a uniquely grained surface (also with "growth defects") - so don't fall in love with the grain in our photos, but look forward to your own unique piece.

Even the cut edges of a birch multiplex plywood panel can never show a flawless stripe view due to production. When producing the plywood board, several layers of birch veneer are glued crosswise one above the other. There are always small overlaps or gaps between the veneer sheets that are placed next to each other, which can be reflected in the cut edge of your table top. Our carpenter closes small holes with suitable wood putty so that no moisture can penetrate into the panel at the relevant points.

Multiplex table top, bevelled edge, round

18 x ø 800 mm, birch natural, oiled
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