The composition of a M shelf is sometimes not so simple. Reach out to us, we will help you!

Timeless, stable and durable

Room structure with many possibilities

Selectable height and width

Variety of colors

Made in Germany

Article No.3016217-001-ST
MaterialSteel, painted (robust powder coating)
Framecolumns: 25 x 25 x 2 mm, frames: 20 x 30 x 2 mm
Adjustable feetM10 x 45 mm
Shelvessheet steel, 1,5 mm
Bookendsheet steel, 0.8 mm
Wall holdersheet steel, 3 mm

With its versatility, the shelving system M allows you to make good use of space. You are flexible in width and height, but the depth is standardized at 40 cm. The available shelf heights range from 3 to 8 shelves (33 cm height between the compartments), while the compartment widths vary between 40, 80, 120 and 160 cm. End column sets are offered to create solitary shelves, middle column sets to line up the shelves; i.e. to expand the shelf with additional space and corner column sets for corner solutions.

Further fields can be endlessly lined up via the central columns, steps are possible and the shelf can also be constructed around corners and over doors. In this way, it is possible to react to many spatial conditions with a high level of flexibility. Not only in dimensions, but also in terms of color you have a number of options to choose from, so that you can suit your environment accordingly. The shelving system M also cuts a fine figure as a structure-forming room system with or without shelves, and leaves room for your own ideas.

The simple components manage almost without any noticeable connecting elements. Only a black dot visible from the underside of the frame. A threaded pin with the dimensions M8 x 8 mm is the only indication of the plug-in system. M is simple and resilient. The simple and coherent construction as well as the material strengths and profile cross-sections used lead to an above-average resilience. This quality also increases the variability, because it is suitable for a wide variety of loads, from densely stocked archive shelves to airy and decoratively furnished furniture in your living environment.

M will also please you with its practicality and timeless elegance. The choice of materials, the high quality of finish and the solid construction make it a useful piece of furniture for many years. Conversions and relocations do not compromise the system. 

Upon request other heights are also possible, depths and ground clearances can be realized so that the system can also be used in other areas. The shelving system is manufactured under fair conditions near Berlin. And even at the end of its useful life, the shelf remains a coveted raw material: All elements except for the sockets and the plates of the adjustable feet are made of steel and can therefore be recycled as sorted steel scrap.

This is how you order your M shelf:

You always need two sets of end columns (= four columns). So you have a shelf with one field. You need an additional center column set (= 2 columns) for each additional shelf field that you plan. If you are planning a corner (90 degrees), you need a corner column set and square frames and shelves (40 cm x 40 cm) for the corner field. Think about the dimensions (height and width) of your shelf. The shelves give you the possible widths in the various dimensions, whereby the specified widths of the shelves already include the two columns of a solitary shelf. In fact, the shelves (and frames) are two column widths smaller. In the case of a sequence, the given measure is reduced; by one column width (25 mm) per inserted shelf field, as only one pair of columns is added. The possible heights are determined by the column variants. Finally, you count the shelves in the shelving bays and order as many shelves and frame sets (one frame set per shelf) as you have counted. Please add the desired color item at the end! The color you choose will be applied to all items in your order. Last but not least, you can also order bookends or wall brackets.

If you are interested in an individual offer (e.g. several shelves of the same color or a shelf with different colored elements), please ask our sales team!

Modulor shelving system M

White, RAL 9016, beaded (fine structure)
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White, RAL 9016, beaded (fine structure)
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White, RAL 9016, satin finish
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Graphite black, RAL 9011, pearled (fine structure)
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Graphite black, RAL 9011, satin finish
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Metallic gray, DB703, pearled (fine structure)
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White aluminum, RAL 9006, satin finish
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Light gray, RAL 7038, matt (fine line)
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Steel raw + clear lacquer, glossy
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Pepper white, RAL Design 090 85 05, pearled (fine line)
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