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      Volume orders make great sense.
      We will be happy to make a personal
      quotation - free of charge and non-binding.

      Send us your request and take advantage of our attractive discounts for commercial customers.


      We are ready to be of service to you. Every proposal is handled by the
      original contact person who manages every step of the process - from the
      selection of the right product to its delivery to your door.

      Have questions about logistics, the market or the products?
      We will be happy to advise you and solve any troubling problems


      We only offer our Commercial Customers
      products and services that we are
      100% convinced are of the highest quality.
      Discover our uniquely diverse
      product range and choose the goods
      you want from among over 38,000
      different articles.

      Didn´t find what you want?
      We will gladly make every effort
      to procure it for you.

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      Carefully selected: Our products for Commercial Customers

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      Over 25 years
      of experience

      Because we are an established major player in the creative industry sector, customers throughout the world value our individual and competent advisory expertise.

      We have fitting answers to every question.

      Customer Service

      We provide continual help. Before and during the ordering process.

      And afterwards as well if an article doesn´t match your expectations: We will resolve the problem for you.

      Custom Cutting & more

      We will gladly cut your material to size. Bevel and fold. Pre-drill. Millimetre exact.

      For further needs, we will work with our network of partners to find solutions for your project.


      As a gift for your customers or a surprise for your employees: We gladly add your company logo to our product design.

      Buying on

      Buy now, pay when you get the bill. You trust us, we trust you.


      In conjunction with our longtime logistics partner, we deliver to any address in Europe quickly, reliably and inexpensively. And oftentimes outside of Europe as well.

      delivery service

      If time is of essence: we offer express and partial delivery service directly from our warehouse.

      Material Sample Boxes

      Want to try out a product before making a purchase? Meet our sample delivery service. Available for many articles and materials.

      Show Sample Box

      Your Contact Persons

      Michael Thoma

      Sales Manager

      +49 30 690 36 – 112

      [email protected]

      Frédérique Regnier

      Sales Rep.

      +49 30 690 36 – 232

      [email protected]

      Henning Götz

      Sales Rep.

      +49 30 690 36 – 114

      [email protected]

      What We’re Often Being Asked
      Direct Ordering by E-mail or Fax

      You have browsed around in our online shop or you already know your items of choice and want to conveniently order by e-mail or fax? We will be glad to send you your selected products on the basis of a direct order using the order form provided below. For this purpose, print out the PDF order form or fill it out on your computer. We look forward to receiving your order form via fax at +49 30 690 36-445 or by email to [email protected].

      Inquiries & Quotes

      We will be glad to quickly prepare a quote for you or answer any questions regarding products or orders. Please fill out the form below. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

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