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      Glass Fibres & Turf



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      • Noch static grass, green
        4 Variants
        Noch static grass, green
        from 3,00 €
      • Heki foliage flock, coloured
        9 Variants
        Heki foliage flock, coloured
        from 4,20 €
        medium size foam flock (ø 1 - 2 mm)
      Information about Glass Fibres & Turf

      Fibres and flocks are used in architectural models, railway models and dioramas as representations of vegetation. In addition, it also can be used as a decorative material in, for example, advertising displays. To cover an area with these materials it should first be spread evenly with glue (thinned wood glue with a brush or spray bottle; TESA ALL-PURPOSE GLUE/Technicoll or SPRAY ADHESIVE). Then you just sprinkle the flock directly on the glue. If the thinned wood glue has a good amount of POSTER INK or TONING PIGMENT added to it, the effect of green vegetation will be much enhanced.

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