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      • Torx Allen key pocket set
        Torx Allen key pocket set
        from 13,90 €
        Material: chrome vanadium steel, Allen key length: 50 – 90mm, Contents of set: TX9/TX10/TX15/TX20/TX25/TX27/TX30/TX40
      • VDE screwdriver set
        VDE screwdriver set
        from 14,90 €
        Material: chrome vanadium steel, Contents of set: PH1 x 80 mm
      • Countersink tool
        Countersink tool
        from 9,90 €
        Blade length: 50 mm
      • iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
        iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
        from 69,90 €
        64 Bit Driver Kit: all the bits needed for repairs on small electronics, Anti-Static Wrist Strap: protection for circuits against static electricity, Small Suction Handle: suction handle for holding onto things lacking handles
      • Voltage tester
        Voltage tester
        from 2,40 €
        Blade size: 3,5 x 100 mm, Testing range: 120 – 250 V
      • Allen key pocket set
        Allen key pocket set
        from 11,50 €
        Material: chrome vanadium steel, Allen key length: 50 – 70mm, Contents of set: 2,5/3,0/4,0/5,0/6,0/8,0/10,0 mm
      • Combination wrench
        3 Variants
        Combination wrench
        from 3,00 €
        Material: chrome vanadium steel, Surface: chromed, Shape of head: 12 sided ring, corrugated profile, Position of ring: 15° offset
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