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Formcard thermoplastic bio-plastic, set of 3

2,5 x 55 x 85 mm, set of 3, black
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6,90 €
incl. VAT / excl. shipping
Color Group:

Handy card in pocket format for repair and fixing

is mouldable in hot water

hard curing


no risk to health

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Article No.3004421
Materialthermoplastic bioplastic
Dimensionscard size: 2.5 x 55 x 85 mm

FORMcard is a meltable bio-plastic card that is pocket-size. When the card is placed in a glass of hot water it become soft and malleable whereby it can then be worked into practically any shape you want.

FORMcard, which was invented by Peter Marigold, was introduced on Kickstarter on 11. November 2015 and almost immediately received the required financing.

Processing: Working with the FORMcard is quite simple. All that you need is a container capable of holding hot water - and the hot water of course! Once heated in the water, FORMcard becomes malleable and can be reshaped. Even smaller parts of a FORMcard can be used - you just soften up the card and cut what you need with a scissors. Once it is malleable it can be used to make handles, cover over cracks, make holders or be used as a bond between two objects. Any remaining leftovers of the FORMcard should be flattened before placed in storage. The card can be melted as many times as you like - which means that a hairdryer can be used to reheat the material and its shape can be changed once again (for instance, structures already formed can be added to or reshaped to give them a new function).

Safety information: The bio-plastic FORMcard is rated as non-toxic and can be processed with bare hands. If it seems to be too hot when removing it from the hot water treatment you can simply wait a bit until it becomes cooler.

Check out the video and see how it works:

V3GTGFormcard thermoplastic bio-plastic, set of 3 Making/Mold-making/Modelling Clays/Thermoplastic Modelling Material