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  • Steinel hot air tool HL 1620 S
    Steinel hot air tool HL 1620 S
    from 45,00 €
    Output: 1600 watt, Voltage: 230 volt, Temperature adjustable at 2 levels: 300, 500 °C, Air volume: 240, 500 l/min
  • Nozzles for Steinel hot air gun
    2 Variants
    Nozzles for Steinel hot air gun
    from 7,60 €
    stainless steel
  • Steinel HL 1920 E heat gun
    Steinel HL 1920 E heat gun
    from 72,10 €
    Output: 2000 Watt, Voltage: 230 Volt, Temperature adjustable at 9 levels: 80 - 600 °C, Air volume set at three different levels: 150, 300, 500 l/Min
Information about Hot Air Guns

The possible uses of a good hot air gun are innumerable: plastic pieces can be deformed by means of the heat produced or they can also be welded together (more info under the heading "Facts and Figures for the Product Groups" -  found in the circle on the left side of the homepage). In the electronics field, the hot air gun can be used to cover cable ends or solder joints with HEAT SHRINKABLE TUBING . This tool can also be used to remove old paint and stickers or to dissolve other types of adhesives. As is known through hair-dryers, hot air can also be used to facilitate drying of paints, filler materials, grouted tiles, etc… And last but not least, the maximum temperature is hot enough to do soldering work including the dissolving of soldered joints.

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