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Hanging Mobiles Assembly Kits

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Mobile kits information

A mobile or wind chime is a free-hanging, balanced, light object or structure to which objects or figures are attached that are already moved by a weak draught. (French: mobile movable, adjustable, rotatable, loose or movable body, drive). The name derives from the mobile as an art form (kinetic art) and was coined in 1931 by Marcel Duchamp for the works of the American sculptor Alexander Calder (1898-1976).

The simplest mobile consists of a simple branch (on which any objects can be hung) which is attached to the ceiling with a stable thread. Somewhat more elaborate to produce is a classic mobile, which consists of rods and wires and threads on which various figures or objects hang.

Nowadays mobiles can be found not only in art, but also as wind chimes in living rooms at home, as sensory stimulating toys for children over a cradle or changing table, or (spiritually interpreted according to the Feng Shui doctrine) as objects for harmonizing and directing the flow of human energy ...