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  • Cloth pennant
    Cloth pennant
    from 7,80 €
    "design your own" cloth pennant, 100% cotton, white, bleached, washable (95 °C), triangular, drawstring channel on upper edge with no string, given dimensions: size of every pennant
  • Paper Poetry paper pennant
    3 Variants
    Paper Poetry paper pennant
    from 2,80 €
    blank pennant to design yourself, triangular, colour sorted and white pennants include cords and flaps, brown pennant comes without cord or flap, given dimensions: size of each pennant
  • Paper Poetry paper pennant
    2 Variants
    Paper Poetry paper pennant
    from 2,10 €
    blank paper pennant with fancy border for adding your own decor, attached to toothpick, given dimensions: size of the small pennant 70 x 45 mm
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